Best gift ideas for librarians:

1. Novel Teas Literary Teabags.


Book lovers are always on the constant search for new reading material, be it a spicy novel, an anthology of poems or a collection of literary quotes from some of the greatest writers of all time. This bag of teabags from Novel Teas has an abundance of the latter. Each teabag is uniquely tagged with a literary quote from all over the world and contains fine quality English breakfast tea. This is a great gift idea to keep your book-loving friend occupied as they sip a cup of tea.

2. Library Card Tote Bag.

Nothing says the library better than this tote bag. The Universal Zone tote bag is a 15 by 14-inch bag with a library card printed on one side of the bag. The library card is also date-stamped for a more realistic effect. The uniquely designed bag is made from 100% cotton and printed with Eco-friendly ink that does not easily fade with a number of washes and is good for the environment. The handbag build is pretty sturdy and can be used for a variety of chores like visiting the grocery shop, ferrying books to and from the library and any other use the person you bestow it upon might put it to.

3. Librarians Search Engine Coffee Mug.

Without librarians, navigating the confusing maze of your local public library in order to find a specific book would be a near impossible task. This “Librarians: The original search engine” coffee mug honors this unique and important role that librarians play. The optional 17 or 11-ounce mug is both stunning, simple and elegant in design. It is made from premium quality ceramic that is guaranteed to last. The drink-ware has the message printed on both sides above a stunning and colorful stack of books. This would make a great gift for librarians.

4. Literary And Book-Themed Cotton Socks.

There are various things you could go with when coming up with gifts for book lovers. You can, however, not go wrong with this set of themed socks. The quality cotton socks are unisex and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each embodies a unique design ranging from library card-themed ones for librarians to book references and quotes for a book lover.

5. Book-Themed Zipper Pouch.

Another themed item you can gift that librarian in your life is this library card zipper pouch. The library pouch from Out of Print is made from 100% pure cotton material that ensures a long-lasting quality product. The case measures 9 inches by 6 inches high and contains a zipper to enclose any items that are put in it. As if that is not enough, with each purchase of the pouch, the seller donates a book to a community in need. Besides the library card pouch, various other designs of varying print and color can be selected.

6. Vintage Library Pendant.

You don’t have to wait till library week in order to celebrate your local librarian. You can offer them small trinkets like this vintage library necklace at any time of the year. The pendant in question is a one-inch diameter locket suspended by a gold-plated chain. The locket is golden as well, with a glass face and a vivid picture of an old-school library complete with candle-stands and ladders. Contribute to the jewelry collection of your favorite librarian or book lover with this sentimental piece from Daifeige and its priceless design.

7. Love of Learning Sculpted Figure.

If the librarian in your mind has a love for the visual arts, which they probably do, then this figure would make for a great gift. The figure is handcrafted and painted by hand from the resin by Willow Trees sculptor, Susan Lordi. The figurative sculpture consists of a faceless lady shroud in white and reading a book. The sculpture is a representation of a profound love for literary works. It comes enclosed in a box with a card enclosed with it that contains a sentiment, “Open Minds, Open Books”. The painting is finished with neutral tones.

8. Library Card Scarf.

Library cards are the trademark of the library profession. Without them, the library would be extremely difficult to manage. On the same note, our list of library card gift items would be incomplete without this Universal Zone scarf. The scarf bears all the hallmarks of a library card, complete with stamps of the return date. It is made from 100% viscose, a half natural, half synthetic material that is breathable and quite machine washable. The card is printed with organic ink that is Eco-friendly. The scarf measures 16 by 20 inches and would make refreshing cold-weather or fashion wear for any librarian.

9. Personal Library Kit.

Book lovers share books. Reading a good book and having a close friend who has read the same book is a great experience. However, book lovers and librarians alike face the ever-present plight of losing a lovely piece of literature. You can help that book lover in your life keep track of their books with this awesome library kit. The kit consists of the old-school library suite; a stamp and ink-pad, adhesive pockets and checkout cards and a complimentary pencil. These items could prove invaluable to any book collector or librarian who is special in your life.

10. Wooden Tasseled bookmark.

Even with a book out of the table, its close ally, the bookmark, still remains a viable option in the list of great gifts for librarians. This wooden bookmark is made by Mitercraft from quality hardwood handcrafted with precise detail to make each bookmark uniquely finished. The bookmark is made with three parts, a center of cherry and solid wooden accents at the sides. The cherry center contains a sentiment printed intermittently in between book images with long-lasting UV ink. The bookmark is a suitable gift for any book lover. It contains a tassel to help navigate to the place where the book is placed.

11. Literary Candle.

Candles are a great source of tranquility and create a serene atmosphere suitable for comfort reading. Soy wax candles from Paddywax Candles are even better for some candle-lit reading. The soy wax they are made from ensures that they burn without smoke. The candles are also scented with a mixture of jasmine, tuberose and gardenia. Consisting of 6.5 ounces of wax, the candles can burn for a maximum of 60 hours. As if that is not enough, they come enclosed in a tasteful gift box with a photo, bio and copper foil labels with a quote from Jane Austen. There are options for Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens as well.

12. Library Card Water Bottle.

It is important to keep hydrated. Drinking a lot of water has numerous health benefits not limited to a better immune system and increased brain power. You can help keep that librarian in your life stay hydrated using this library card water bottle. The women’s water bottle is made from aluminum with a white exterior. On both of its sides is a distinctive picture of a library card that has numerous date stamps on it that are part of its thematic design. The picture is printed with sublimation techniques for safe cleaning and a long-lasting print. The bottle also has dual tops, a standard screw-cap with a carabiner clip and a sports top.

13. Dramatic Bookend.

Never miss an opportunity to put a smile on the face of the people you love. And if they are librarians, then the better. This humorous bookend is designed like a regular bookend but with a figurine at the end of the slanting bookend. The figurine is a human silhouette standing back with arms stretched in front as if to prevent the books from falling on him. Each end measures 4.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 5 inches wide and is crafted from powder-coated steel.

14. Engraved Quote Pen.

You can also gift a librarian this engraved pen from Inkstone. The thirty-five-gram pen measures approximately 5.5 inches long. The pen is made of metal and its sides are lacquered with maroon-colored wood texture and chrome accents. It also has the famous Shakespeare quote “to thine own self be true” engraved on the side. The roller-ball pen has an ink cartridge that is easy-to-replace. The long-term use of the pen is guaranteed by the ability to refill the ink and by the laser engraving that does not fade with time.

15. Personalized Framed Collectible.

Personalized gifts are a great way to say you care about someone. One way you can show you care to a librarian is with this personalized frame. The frame is a rich mahogany polystyrene frame with a camel top mat and burgundy top mat. Inside the frame, there are several collectibles regarding the US Library system and the librarian career. It also includes postal stamps related to the topic and other write-ups. The front is made of Plexiglas and the back has a dust-protected cover. There is also an option to include an engraved plate at the bottom with the name of the librarian you wish to give the gift to.

16. Stemless Glass Tumbler.

An entertaining piece of glassware, the “Never argue with a librarian they know too much” is a stunning glass tumbler from Kenky Store. It is a standard stemless wine glass with the words inscribed on the side of the glass in white stylish font in the midst of a red background. The stainless-steel wine tumbler is vacuum-insulated to keep wine chilled. The vacuum walls also make it suitable for a variety of drinks like coffee, tea and even water. The red outer is powder-coated to prevent paint chipping. This is a great retirement gift for librarians in your life.

17. Library-Themed T-Shirts.

Novelty items are always a good idea when it comes to gift-giving. This particular t-shirt would make an excellent gift to librarians and library lovers alike. The t-shirt with “library squad” printed at the front of the shirt comes in various colors for men, women and children and is made from varying content of cotton and polyester depending on the color. Whatever specifics you choose for a t-shirt, all of them are machine-washable and are made in a lightweight classic fit double-needle sleeves and hems. It can be won in any at work, at parties and would make a good personality statement on that social media profile picture.

18. Decor Figurine.

This Nuts About Work figurine is recommended if you aim at getting a unique gift for your librarian friend. The figurine stands on a resin base and is molded around a spring to make sure the figurine maintains movement in motion. It contains a sentiment at the bottom of the resin base and can be used at the office or at home to contribute to the decor.

19. Book Lover Pillowcase.

Passion statements can be taken to the bedroom with this book lover pillowcase. The cute pillow is a cotton linen 18 by the 18-inch cloth that you can throw over your cushion. It has a zipper to secure the pillow in place. Its style is simplistic but tasteful and colorful. A stack of books is placed beside a sentiment that is printed with various styles. It comes in different colors for whatever color that book-lover in your life prefers.

20. Time Key Fob.

This is a key-chain that contains a pendant that has a clock-face encased in it. On the clock face, the words “so many books, so little time” are inscribed. The outside of the key-chain is made with stainless steel to prevent rust while maintaining a clean-looking finish. The key-chain would be an awesome gift for a librarian or book lover.