20 Unique and Classy Dentist Gifts

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From artifacts to crockery, to appreciative trinkets, you are definitely bound to find that perfect gift for your dentist friend from this list of dentist gifts that we compiled for you. The gifts are suitable for a variety of occasions and cater for all ages and gender because we know there is never a lack of occasion to appreciate that person who keeps away the dreadful toothache and who gives us the confidence to smile.

Unique gift ideas for dentists:

1. Dentists Desk Clock.

Decorated with a myriad of orthodontic tools, this Sanis Enterprises Dentist desk clock would be a wonderful gift for a dentist friend. The miniature desk clock measures 2 inches by 3.38 inches and just the perfect size to occupy the most minimal space possible on the desktop. The clock is made from zinc alloy metal with a more than elegant chrome finish. The watch also features a weighted base for maximum stability. The design of the watch is nothing if not spectacular. The Japan movement quartz clock is embedded in the face of a molar tooth that is rooted in the solid stand. Behind the tooth are a pair of dental pliers, tongs and a mouth mirror, all adding to the elegant dental look of the clock. Besides being a personal gift, the clock would also make a great gift for a dentist’s office.

2. Dentist Sculpture.

As far as gifts for dentists go, this metal sculpture would be a great gift idea for a prospective gift buyer. With startling simplicity, this sculpture of an orthopedic dentist performing oral surgery is purely made out of nuts, bolts, metal rods and a few metal sheets. The handcrafted sculpture is carefully soldered together for durability. The 5.6 by 5.5-inch item could be offered as a gift for your dentist boss for display on the desktop or bookcase to add to the decor of their office.

3. Dentist Wine Holder.

The Bellaa wine holder is a funny dentist gift that you can give to your friend or as a dentist retirement gift to your long-serving dentist. The bottle holder is sculpted to look like a dentist observing a patient in a reclining chair and holding a dental suction. Both decorative and fun-looking, the item has precise measurements to hold a standard 750 ml bottle. Moreover, the hand-crafted holder is made purely from recycled scrap steel sheets, bolts and bars.

4. Teeth Plant Pots.

One of the teeth gifts that you can gift a dentist is this teeth plant pot from Gift Pro. The ceramic molar-shaped pots come in pairs. They are shaped like a molar with roots as the stand and a hollow at the top to allow the placing of succulent plants. Each pot measures 10 cm by 7 cm and can also be used as a holder for various stationery in the office. The minimalist design white pots are built with a bamboo saucer and a drainage hole that allows water to flow through the soil and into the saucer.

5. Future Dentist Key-ring.

This future dentist gift idea is a great gift to give to that kid who has aspirations for being a dentist or as a dentist graduation gift. The stainless-steel ring comes with four charms attached. A tooth, a toothpaste, a toothbrush and an inspirational message for that person in need of a little reassurance, “She believed she could, so she did”. The Lywjyb Birdgot key-ring is nickel-free and without allergens and does not tarnish or fade with time, making this a lasting gift.

6. Polka Dot Trimmed Box.

If you are looking for funny dentist gifts to put a smile on your loved one, then this trimmed box will come in handy. The wooden box sign is designed and meticulously curated to the last detail by Primitives by Kathy. The black and white box measures 4 by 5 inches and is designed to hang on the wall or free stand on a surface. The face is a black background with a sassy sarcastic sentiment etched in white on the surface. The rest of the box is a white background with white polka dots and rounded edges and corners.

7. 3D LED Illusion Tooth.

This illusion tooth stands out among the other teeth gifts. Suitable as a thank you gift for a dentist or as a dentist graduation gift, this multicolored 3D illusion tooth not only creates an ambiance of calm and serenity but can also be used as a bedside lamp or night light. The light is a hologram of a realistic-looking molar that is projected from a battery powered LED base lamp. The lamp also comes with a remote control for changing the color of the projected tooth and for turning the lamp on and off. The base lamp also has a touch-sensitive button for the same purpose. The lamp is also water resistant and, therefore, impervious to water damage.

8. Personalized Wood Case And Pens.

Personalized gifts for dentists are a very good way to show appreciation or congratulate a practicing dental officer. They show just how much thought you put in the gift and this Thanh maple wood case one perfect example. The box is six and a half inches in length, 2 inches in width and an inch high and also comes with a maple roller-ball pen and a ballpoint pen. The name and logo of the dentist are engraved using a hundred-watt laser on the top lid of the box. The pens are also identically engraved with the name and logo of the practitioner. The markers are etched with great expertise for a quality result.

9. Teeth Necktie.

Another way you can appreciate your dentist friend is by offering them this black and white necktie. The necktie is made of black microfiber material with white spots of teeth all through the material. The tie is 58-inch long and 3-inch wide. Since the material used to make the cloth is microfiber, you are assured of several benefits such as longer life and some level of stain resistance due to the quality of the fabric.

10. Molar Vase.

Coming up with dentist gifts is no easy task, but one can never go wrong with a vase, especially if the recipient is into potted plants, and green interior decor. The versatile molar-shaped vase is made from glazed ceramic and is 6-inches tall. It is a good desktop accessory and is designed to hold a flower or an office plant. The molar can be used as a get-well message, a thank you gift for your dentist or gifted on any occasion in their life.

11. Best Dentist Coffee Mug.

Reach out to your dentist each time they sip a coffee and remind them that they are the best dentist with this Miso Punny dentist mug. The Star Wars fun coffee cup sports a smiling Yoda with his walking stick and a catchphrase, “Yoda best dentist” just below him. The illustration is done in a technique that guarantees that the words do not fade even after numerous washes. This mug would make a great gift for any Star Wars fan and dentist and will not only amuse them but inspire them each day.

12. Dentist Gift Bag.

In this green age of environmental conservation, this dentist tote bag would be a great gift for any dental physicians you intend to appreciate. The themed Cafe Press bag features an illustration of a molar with toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss. The tote bag measures 15 by 15 inches and has reinforced fabric handles and bottom in order to withstand a significant amount of shopping and groceries. The “Smile” bag is guaranteed to put a smile on your dentist.

13. World’s Best Dentist Trophy.

Everyone enjoys a trophy and even dentists enjoy a little flattery every once in a while. The World’s Best dentist trophy is an awesome way to both appreciate and flatter a dentist, be it a friend, family or even your own boss. The trophy is a gold-plated figurine holding hands in front of it atop a weighted stand with the engraving of world’s best dentist on it. This is a great dentist gift for your loved ones.

14. Dentist T-Shirt.

Another great gift idea for a dentist is this dental hygiene t-shirt. Vended in a variety of colors, sizes and gender, the t-shirt is a collection of dentistry instruments like crisscrossed toothbrush and toothpaste, a tooth and dental pliers that are arranged to spell the word “Love”. The lightweight, double-needle sleeve t-shirt is made from easy-to-wash material and is a perfect gift for those enthusiastic about dental health and dentistry.

15. Gold-Tooth Pop-Socket Grip.

Future dentist gifts, such as this pop-socket grip, are also a great way to show that special dentist friend that you love them. A pop-socket grip is a rubber item that can be placed on the back of a phone to make holding easier. This grip contains a gold tooth on the side that does not affix to the bottom of the phone and is collapsible to enable one to place the phone down on a flat surface when the grip is not needed. The pop-up grip is useful for holding the phone when one needs to watch a video, or even as a support when you need your phone to remain upright during hands-free use such as when recording a video alone. The bottom is designed with an advanced adhesive that allows the grip to be re-positioned several times.

16. Twinkle Toof Tooth.

Have your baby’s milk teeth started falling off? Then there is no better gift to get them than this toof tooth. This is a tooth-shaped plastic tooth that is only 3.5 inches long that can be used by your kids to keep their teeth safe until the tooth fairy comes to retrieve them. The toof glows in the dark so that the tooth fairy can easily find it and also contains a hidden container that the fairy can put the money she intends to leave. Gift this toof to your kid or to that dentist friend who has a child in their home.

17. Teeth earrings.

Surprise your female dentist, dental boss or dental assistant with this awesome pair of teeth earrings. These dentist gift earrings are a pair of silver or gold-coated fish hook earrings with pewter charms shaped like molars. The earrings are hand-crafted and hand-painted and can be a very good addition to the earring collection of your favorite dentist.

18. Funny Dentist Parking Only Metal Sign.

Another item in the list of funny dentist items is this parking sign. The Liz66 Ward metal sign is 20 by 30 cm and features a “Dentist parking only” notice that sandwiches the sketch of a dentist and a funny warning at the bottom cautioning violators that they will be pulled. The metal sign is designed and built with material that is guaranteed to resist rust and fade. The sign also comes with predrilled holes for easy mounting on any surface. Gift this sign to your dentist to re-energize their parking space.

19. Dentist Socks.

The collection of dentist gifts listed may not have tickled your fancy, but this pair of men’s novelty socks should do the trick. The black K Bell pair of socks is embroidered with numerous teeth sewn to depict emojis, sketches of faces that show a certain emoji. The collection of different-faced emojis is sure to provide some amusement to your male dentist friend or partner. The socks are available in various sizes and made with machine-washable and hand-washable material.

20. Dental Stickers.

You can also light up the world of your future dentist or your dentist friend with these dental stickers. Made by Rhode Island Novelty, the stickers are sold in rolls, with each set consisting of five rolls and each roll having a hundred stickers, making a total of 500 stickers that they can use to decorate their working or living area. The adhesive stickers are easy to remove and do not leave any adhesive marks on the surface.

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