Traditional Gifts for New Homeowners!

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Top 20 Traditional Gifts For First-Time Homeowners!

nbsp; Have you been wondering what to gift a friend or family member who just became a new homeowner? We took our time to do some research, and assemble an incredible list of the best traditional gifts for new homeowners. In this list, you will find amazing and thoughtful gift ideas that can perfectly suit the person that you have in mind.

Although this is always a daunting task, especially when you don’t know what the person in mind likes, there is still a way around it. The most important aspect of gift-giving is looking for a gift that is both unique and durable. It also helps when you choose a gift that is related to the event at hand. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone as we are here to help.

Some of these items are home decorations, while others are household items that we deem as ideal for first time home buyer gifts. There are at least 20 gifts to ensure that no one is left out. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you’ll have a couple of gift ideas that you like.

1. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs.

The Moscow Mule copper mugs are undoubtedly a great gift idea for congratulating new homeowners. These are long-lasting mugs made of genuine copper. They come in a gift pack consisting of 4 mugs, 4 wood coasters, 4 straws, and four short glasses. What makes these mugs unique is that they are handcrafted in India. Besides that, they are coated with food-grade lacquer, both on the inside and the outside, which makes them safe for use. Due to their superior quality, they are not likely to get tarnished and lose their shine any time soon. Also, they are awesome for milkshake and smoothie lovers, as well as other hot beverages.

2. New House Keychain for a New Homeowner. 

When it comes to house warming gifts, it is important to be creative with your choice. But, you can never go wrong with a congratulatory keychain. The 2019 new house key chain comes with a thoughtful welcoming message “new home new adventure.” You can rest assured that first-time homeowners will relish the new house keychain. Whenever the new homeowners see their keys, they’ll certainly remember you.

3. Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery. 

Bamboo is an interesting material for a cheese board, accompanied by the relevant cutlery. At first glance, you might think that the bamboo cheese board with a knife set is made for decorative purposes. However, the whole set comes in handy while serving and cutting cheese. Additionally, it is made of a non- bacterial and easy to clean non-porous material.

4. Pure Coco Coir Door Mat. 

A doormat makes an excellent traditional housewarming gift that never goes out of fashion. For this reason, this pure coco coir doormat would be very much appreciated by the new homeowner you have in mind. It is made of strong, natural fiber and has a superb design that is neatly finished with eco-friendly material. Also, it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor. What sets it apart from most mats is that it has a welcome home message written on it.

5. Luxurious Cotton 12-pc Bath Towels.

The bath towels impeccably complement a new bathroom. Any new homeowner is bound to fall in love with these quality towels. The quantity is bountiful as there are 12 large, thick and soft towels. With these towels, one will arguably have one of the best after bath experience. Plus, the new homeowners are likely to use them for the next few years to come.

6. Cactus Tea Light Candles. 

Forget about the typical candles, LA BELLEFÉE cactus tea light candles are creatively made, plant-like candles. As if that’s not enough, these candles are smokeless and can be used for various purposes. They come in 8 different shapes and there are no limitations as per where they should be put. You can choose to put them in the bedroom, living room or even the bathroom. Apart from being quality candles, they can burn up to 4 hours, which is enough time to enjoy any special occasion.

7. Wine Cork Holder Letter S.

Is the new homeowner in question a wine enthusiast? Then the Wine Cork Holder Metal Monogram is a befitting housewarming gift. This isn’t just any gift; it is a piece of art. It allows wine lovers to meticulously show off a rich wine cork collection. Due to its sheer beauty, it is ideal to be placed anywhere that’s visible.

8. Ceramic Wall Plaques. 

Ceramic wall plaques have been in use since time immemorial. Still, they haven’t lost their touch as symbolic housewarming gifts. What makes them stand out is the fact that ceramic wall plaques are often engraved with various messages. So, if you want a gift that bears a particular quintessential message for the new homeowner, a wall ceramic wall plaque is the way to go.

9. Led Flame Table Lamp. 

Practical house warming gifts are unbeatable. If you’re thinking of getting someone a special gift, then this led flame table wouldn’t disappoint. It is more than just a lamp as it comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. This means that you can play music from any Bluetooth enabled device using this speaker. Furthermore, this lamp produces more realistic flames. A combination of the flickering flames and audio makes it an exemplary gift.

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10. Wall Mounted Wine Rack. 

The wall-mounted wine rack designed by Anna Stay is a magnificent gift for first-time homeowners. Most households stock wine to enjoy and celebrate special moments in life with it. This wine rack can carry numerous blends of wine in style. It allows you to diligently arrange a collection of wine as well as wine glasses and corks singularly. Since it’s mounted on the wall, it is suitable for the living room, dining room or the kitchen.

11. Mason Jar Sconces with LED. 

When thinking of a gift for new homeowners from a realtor, home decorations can never let you down. The Mason Jar Sconces have been traditionally given to the new homeowners for a good reason. First of all, the workmanship behind these jars is marvelous. This item is made of exquisite materials. It has 2 well-coiffed mason jars, 2 stripes of LED, hydrangea flowers and reclaimed wood. The Mason Jar Sconces is made to complement any kind of walls in a house. Once it’s hung on the wall, it elegantly fills the space. It is endowed with everything one would want in a gift to mark a special occasion.

12. Willow Tree Mi Casa Hand-Painted Figure. 

This hand-painted figure is a spectacular gift for new homeowners. It comes with an enclosure card written “Mi casa es su casa,” which means “my house is your house.” This item is a carefully hand-carved piece of art made by the famous artist, Susan Lordi in her studio, which is located in Kansas City, MO. The sculpture is a true expression of healing, love, and courage.

13. Did You Feed The Dog? 

The act of gifting a new homeowner should be thoughtful. ‘Did you feed the dog’ is not only a clever gift idea but also ideal for most dog owners. On top of that, it is a useful household gift that helps any homeowner with a dog to remembers its feeding time. Further to that, it helps to control the weight of the dog and prevents obesity. If the individual that you want to gift has a dog, then this should be a much-appreciated housewarming gift.

14. Rustic Farmhouse Decor. 

This Is US pillow cover, you may think that anyone can make it. However, that is far from the truth. It is inscribed with a message that reads as follows “This is us, our life, our story, and our home.” This a sweet message for someone who just got a brand new house. Moreover, it is finished with breathable and durable material and looks good on a couch. This makes it a brilliant house warming gift that’s ready for use.

15. Magnetic Wood Key Ring Holder.

In every household, there is bound to be a need for an area to safely keep keys and mails. This is why this wall mount organizer is a fantastic housewarming gift. With this household item, there is no need to worry about where to keep the everyday essentials such as house keys, car keys, wallets, phones, sunglasses and so on. It makes it easy to safely keep and access such essentials conveniently. New homeowners would certainly love this gift item.

16. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set. 

Have you ever gone past something that piqued your interest and you had to look again? This whiskey decanter has the same effect. It looks more of an antique, which is why it makes an impressive traditional housewarming gift. Anyone who sees it gets curious and wants to own one. Its design is also simple. The stand is made of beautifully painted wood and it’s finished with a gorgeous globe-like glass. Make no mistake that this isn’t just a beautiful piece; it is actually a working whiskey decanter with a capacity of 850 ml. Any new homeowner would be amazed by such a gift.

17. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.

Most essential oils have an alluring fragrance. An effective diffuser is essential for essential oils lovers. If your friend or family member who loves essential oils just made the big move of purchasing or building a home, then this diffuser is a unique housewarming gift idea. It comes in an appealing shape that looks great on whichever surface it’s placed on. For a single refill, it can last up to 6 hours. What makes it even better is that if you forget to shut it, it simply shuts itself as soon as all the content has been used.

18. Foldable Seagrass Belly Basket.

Though baskets may be seen as traditional gifts for new homeowners, they are timeless. Are you thinking about buying a basket for an upcoming housewarming party? Don’t overthink it, this Foldable Seagrass Basket can do the trick. This is a multipurpose basket that can be used in several creative ways, such as carrying some supplies for a picnic. It is also a great home decor item that can be used for the display of flowers. One of its distinct features is the handwoven design. To deliver it as a housewarming gift for a loved one, you can fill it with some lovely items just like they do with hampers.

19. Dublin Decorative Vase. 

Vases never lose their aura. They bring the same elegance that they brought hundreds of years ago. The Dublin Decorative Vase comes in a set of three long beautiful vases. You can rest assured that this collection would look stunning in any living room. Their size and quality make them compatible with different rooms in a house. Also, they are not as delicate as you may imagine. They have a sturdy build that can stand the test of time. This set is simply an absolute beauty for a home decor item.

20. Personalized Family Name Sign.

If you’re thinking of getting new homeowners a special gift, then this personalized family name sign will do the magic!

When in search for any kind of gift, the best way to approach the process is always to think about what the one you are gifting likes. You don’t have to get it perfectly right, but in case no one thing represents what they like, you should settle for the next closest option. Traditional house warming gifts are difficult to decide on. When the time comes to give a friend or a family member something to remember the massive achievement, you may find yourself totally clueless. Fortunately, the list that you’ve just read through could be extremely helpful. If you go through all the listed items, there is a huge chance that you’ll find the perfect gift to mark the occasion.