Top 20 Fun Kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Useful!

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Top 20 Unique Household Gadgets!

nbsp;  The traditional kitchen is bland and dull, filled with only the normal utilitarian items; cutlery and crockery. However, it does not have to be this way. You can embellish the look of your kitchen with fun kitchen gadgets. The gadgets help make work in the kitchen easier and fun all at the same time. They also make great gift items for the people you love whose lives or work revolves around the kitchen. Why not break the monotony and re-energize your kitchen?

1. Spaghetti Monster Strainer.


This strainer is a pretty fun gadget to have in your kitchen. The item is made in the shape of a monster cartoon character with elongated eyes on stalks and a tripod stand. The round bowl measures approximately 19 by 12 by 9 inches and can keep one box of spaghetti. When the strainer is loaded with spaghetti, it looks like the well-known spaghetti monster, hence the name. The strainer is made from BPA free material that is 100% food safe. It is also resistant to boiling water. Spaghetti servings no longer have to be a colorless affair!

2. Monkey Unicycle Pizza Wheel.


Titled Fred Pizza peddler, the item is a miniature figurine of a red monkey with his arms raised riding a grey unicycle. The hilarious kitchen gadget is quite as good in slicing pizza as it is in touching up your kitchen. The bicycle the peddler rides is equipped with a stainless-steel blade that is quite efficient when it comes to cutting and slicing pizza slices. The top of the pizza wheel is made from silicon and acts as the handle during slicing. Moreover, the monkey pedals the wheel as you cut your pizza. Fred the cycler monkey and his wheel would make one fun kitchen gift.

3. Kitchen Sponge Holder.

Another one from the list of cool kitchen accessories from Ototo, the clean dreams sponge holder is a weird gadget that will help your kitchen look better. With this sponge holder, your cleaning sponge can now have a good night’s sleep after a long day of helping you clean your dishes. An award-winning design, the sponge holder is designed in the shape of a white bed, complete with twin pillows attached to the head-post of the bed. It allows the sponge to be slipped in as if it were the mattress. The bed is dishwasher safe and fits any standard size sponge. It also comes with a complimentary sponge.

4. Beluga Whale Funny Kitchen Accessory.

A cute tiny whale and its set of miniature forks are definitely useful kitchen gadgets you could use to spice up your kitchen. Made from plastic, the set consists of a white beluga whale complete fins and blowhole. The blowhole allows the whale to be used as a holder for the miniature forks that it has. The 6.4-inch forks are made from plastic and can be used for a variety of activities in the kitchen such as serving fruit.

5. Kitchen Scissors.

For people who use natural spices to complement the taste of their food, cutting up some herbs into pieces of acceptable sizes that can be very uncomfortable. The pieces end up being of irregular sizes and sometimes, cutting them up with a knife on chopping boards also poses a risk of injuring yourself. The pair of kitchen scissors consists of four blades that make chopping easy. A rubberized handle reduces discomfort during use. Herbs are not the only items that can be cut with the pair. You can also use them to slice bacon into a cooking bowl without the need for a cutting surface. This pair of scissors would definitely make a great gift.

6. Fruit Slice Cooking Gadgets.

The Mrrainbow set of slicers and corers is a multi-component set that helps you easily cut and serve fruit in your household. The set of four consists of three slicers and one holding cup for placing the fruit that is being sliced. Each of the four slicers has stainless steel blades embedded in the center of a plastic case. Each has a unique shape of the blades that enable it to cut fruits with cores such as mangoes and apples and other coreless ones such as tomatoes. The items are easy-to-clean and can fit most average sized fruits.

7. 3 in 1 Magic Butter Knife.

With this great knife from Butter Knife Magic, you no longer need to have several knives for each purpose such as slicing, curling, spreading and grating. With this knife, now you can have in the kitchen. The knife allows you to easily slice butter into spreadable butter ribbons. But the knife does not stop there. The super-efficient knife also allows you to spread the butter on bread. Its sleek design allows it to easily spread butter over the bread without tearing it. The stainless-steel knife also allows you to use it as a grater and to slice items as well.

8. Banana Slicer.

Sometimes, presentation is vital when it comes to foods and salads. Uneven pieces sliced by the unaided eye usually have a huge impact on this impact in the catering field. This happens ever so often when bananas are involved in your fruit salad. But not anymore. With this banana slicer, you can have the most perfect banana slices. The tool, shaped and colored yellow as a banana has evenly spaced partitions that help to achieve this goal. The tool is broad and curved slightly so as to accommodate any bananas that are put through it. This is simply a fun kitchen gadget that everyone needs.

9. Boston Warehouse Monkey Peeler.

For people who are tired of peeling, be it potatoes, carrots or other tubers, this is the perfect solution for you. Get a monkey to do it for you. Because we cannot get rid of some boring kitchen tasks, the best we can do is make them fun with funny kitchen tools such as this monkey peeler from Boston Warehouse. The six-inch-long monkey holds a stainless-steel blade that is designed to peel through the skins of your tubers easily. The monkey, which is the handle, is made of ergonomic non-slip material. It is also brightly colored so that your kids will be more willing to help out in the kitchen.

10. Fubarbar Corn Peeler.

The Fubarbar corn peeler definitely tops the list of unique kitchen tools. The ingenious item is designed to help in the arduous task of removing corn from the cob. The peeler works by stripping the maize from the cob. It has a bore that the maize cob can be put through in order to remove the kernel. A serrated stainless-steel blade helps in making this happen. Stripped maize is inserted in a storage container that has an opening to pour out the kernels. Besides easing the work, it prevents wastage by making sure all kernels get into the container.

11. Stainless Steel Finger Guard.

In the kitchen, your hands and fingers are always under constant risk of injury. These injuries could be from burns, strains, sprains and cuts. Knives and other sharp objects in the kitchen can cause cuts at any time. With this stainless-steel finger guard, you can help prevent yourself or the people you love from getting cuts. The guard works by making sure your fingers are not close to the blade at all times. It is designed for different finger types. Tipping the guard secures the food item being chopped or sliced. This useful kitchen gadget would make a great gift.

12. Fried Egg and Pancake Rings.

The Beminh fried egg and pancake rings are designed to make the food as well as the cooking experience fun. The set of ten rings incorporate various shapes that will entice kids in your household or party to enjoy the food. The various shapes include flower, mouse, elephant and chick among others. The rings are made of stainless steel and can be used to shape the eggs or pancakes during cooking or to slice these food items after cooking. The brilliant designs have been approved for use on food and are convenient to use with foldable handles to prevent burns and scalds when cooking. The set of funny kitchen tools will go a long way in making your food fun.

13. Sergeant Pryer Army Man Bottle Opener.

Grab a beer and let Sergeant Pryer pry open your beer. This cool kitchen accessory is a stylish bottle opener modelled in the shape of an army man holding up his gun. The soldier is armed completely with army fatigue ready to report for duty whenever you need a beer. The rifle in his hand and his outstretched hands act as a bottle opener. The rifle is designed to pry open bottle-tops from bottles effortlessly. The die-cast metal opener does not break easily and will offer service for a long time.

14. Steam Mates Compatible Steam Diverter.

An addition to the list of fun kitchen gifts is this weird gadget, a steam diverter. Various teapots, steam pots and kettles produce steam along with a high-pitched hissing sound to alert one when the water is boiled. The Steam Mates caricature makes this experience interesting and fun by diverting the steam. The model involves a fuming man with extremely large ears. When connected to a steam snout, the figure acts as a conduit for the steam which goes out both ears. The model serves to divert steam from your valuable surfaces such as cabinets and walls. The caricature fits most steam snouts.

15. Thor Hammer Meat Tenderizer.


This Thor hammer meat tenderizer would come in handy as a very great gift for a Marvel Universe fan. It would enable them to tenderize their meat using a model of the hammer of famous Marvel character, Thor – the god of lightning. The meat tenderizer is made with a double-sided stainless-steel metal head and a silicone grip handle. With this hammer, you can tenderize your meat, steak, poultry and pork like a god.

16. Electric Heater and S’mores Maker.

Fashioned in the same style as a traditional S’mores maker, the nostalgia heater is one of the interesting gadgets you can have in your home. The electric flame-less heater and cooker are made with stainless-steel housing and top cover with a 4-compartment serving tray for graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. It also allows you to make S’mores, campfire delights, in the comfort of your own kitchen to give your kids a taste of an old-school campfire side meal. The heater comes with two complimentary roasting forks.

17. Smiley Face Pancake Pan.

With this Gourmia smiley face pancake, you can make emoji pancakes. The unique kitchen tool is made from quality cast aluminum die with a double layer of non-stick coating to ensure foods do not stick to the pan. The pan is subdivided into seven circular sections that allow you to pour pancake dough and make smiley pancakes. Each shape has a unique emoji so that your pancakes are not a sequence of a similar emoji.

18. Tacosaurus Rex Taco Holder.


What is more fun than eating tacos from the back of a prehistoric beast? This fun kitchen gadget is a green tyrannosaurus rex with a ridged v-shaped back that allows you to put your taco on its back in between bites. Built with food-safe plastic. The Taco-rex is also dishwasher-friendly for easy cleaning. Make every meal a thrilling adventure with this fun gadget.

19. Lemon Sprayer Gadget.


This lemon sprayer fun kitchen gadget eases the work of spraying lemon juice to food as an additive or as a final ingredient to taste. The lemon sprayer comes in a set of two, each with bores of different lengths. The lemon sprayer is easy to use and involves a screw-like design that can be secured inside fruits and a sprayer. The entire unit can be detached for easy cleaning and storing.

20. Handgun and Bullet Ice Cube Tray.

A little experimenting never hurt. This Moldfun ice cube tray set contains two trays, one that allows you to mold ice cubes like guns and others like bullets. The flexible silicone mold allows you to easily remove and release ice cubes from the tray in a hassle-less fashion. It is also easy to clean and store.