Top 20 Cool Secret Stashes

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20 Cool Stashes To Stash Your Cash.

Have you ever thought of simple ideas you can apply at home to ensure that your items of value are safe? If not, then it is more likely that you are missing out on safer and easier ways of keeping your valuables. In this piece, you are going to learn more about the top 20 cool secret stashes you can find on the market today.

1. Fake Car Key Secret Stash.

If you are looking for hidden safe ideas, start with fake car key. This simple device comes in handy to help you keep your cash and other valuables in a simple way. In fact, this key fob can blend seamlessly with almost every personal item around you undetected. This item serves as the ultimate choice of the best secret compartment jewelry you can think of. In addition, you can securely snap this product together when closing it and use a key or coin to open it. Certainly, this item can be one of the best gifts for him during some special occasions.

2. Hair Brush Safe. 

The Diversion Safe-Hair Brush is one of the simplest personal items for women’s hair that you can use to stash your cash in it. This smart purchase for women will fit nicely in your bag and even use it to make your hair despite keeping your most important stuff inside. For instance, you can wrap a few notes, or take your most expensive jewelry, put inside this item and keep in your hand-bag or bathroom. No one will ever know what is inside unless you reveal it yourself. This is because the hair-brush is a personal item that many people wouldn’t want to touch it.

3. Secret Stash Lighter.

The Secret stash lighter is one of the top cool stashes that you can use if you own a car, a gym bag, luggage, or a purse. This item can act like a high-end stash box for your money, jewelry, medicine, and other valuable items. As a matter of fact, you may use it at home, in your car, on vacation or when on the run.

4. Men’s Speed Stick.

It looks so simple yet very secretive in such a way that you can keep your bills there and no one will notice. The Men’s Speed Stick is certainly a cool gift idea that you should adopt if you have issues with losing cash from time to time. All you have to do is to remove the bottom side to access its secret storage compartment. The best thing about this item is that you can use it when driving your car, keep it in your luggage, pockets and gym bags. Actually, this is a secret stash diversion for anyone looking to keep his cash in a simple but safe place.

5. Fake Stone Key Safe.

Have you ever thought of keeping your spare key in an item that looks exactly like a rock? This fake stone is indeed a fake rock that can pass for an ordinary rock placed in your garden or at a strategic place near your house. This is quite an ingenious way of hiding your key in a disguised manner. This molded poly-resin rock resembles a real rock in every aspect of its appearance. You can place it undercover among the grass, wood chips, landscape rocks, and shrubs.

6. Coca-Cola Stash.

Coca-Cola can look just like other ordinary cans in plain sight yet it may turn out to be your secret compartment jewelry. This simple item has ample space inside which is difficult to see and you can use it to stash your cash and other valuables. So, keep your stuff in this unique item and place it at an appropriate location where no one will ever guess what is inside.

7. Dictionary Book Safe.

The book will not give anyone a clue that your valuables are right inside. In fact, this is a hidden safe idea that you can employ given that many people hate reading books thus no one will even bother touching it. That’s why Stalwart Metal Diversional Dictionary comes in handy with a secret compart to provide you with enough room for your credit cards, jewelry, and money. The fact that this item is crafted from a strong metal material and comes complete with keys, you can lock your valuables inside to keep them away from prying eyes of an authorized person.

8. Sprinkler Head Key Safe.

You don’t have to stay locked out of the house because you lost your key. The Hide-a-Key Sprinkler Head offers you an everlasting solution that will make you access your house in case of an emergency. This item has plenty of space for keeping your keys, small documents, and spare cash. It’s a secret compartment that comes with dimensions of 2 inches by 1.5 inches to accommodate your valuables. Most importantly, it blends perfectly well into your yard, giving it that realistic look that resembles a real sprinkler head. With its built-in key chain, you won’t have to pull out the whole vault when an emergency arises. On the record, this is the best-hidden stash box that can be used to keep your personal items.

9. Wall Outlet Hidden Diversion Safe.

Lutema Wall Outlet comes complete with keys, template, and mounting hardware. This product gives you the best option to be discreet when it comes to stashing your most valuable items. Resembling a wall safe, this 8-inch diversion safe is actually the last place a thief will ever think of accessing within your house.

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10. Travel Security Belt With Hidden Money Pocket.

The travel security belt comes with a hidden money pocket to help you stash a few bills while on the move. This belt gives you hidden safe ideas that are unique to those who value style above anything else. In fact, you can turn it into a wallet while moving from one place to another without being worried about pickpockets or losing your cash. The belt is designed with a secret pocket where you can keep your bills and important personal documents such as passports or travel papers. Most significantly, this belt can be used by both men and women of different sizes, thanks to it,s adjustable mechanism.

11. Hanger Diversion Safe.

Hanger diversion safe is another cool gift idea that you may include on the list of the best gifts for him. This product is a real game-changer when it comes to choosing hidden safe ideas for your money, passport, travel documents, and other valuable items. No wonder many people perceive it as a stealthy hanger safe for hiding and stashing valuables. You can hide it among other clothes in the closet or keep it underneath the hanging garments. One reason why you will like this great stash idea is that you can use it at home or when on the go to conceal what is important in your daily life. This item has a large storage capacity of 17 inches complete with a wide zipper opening as well as flexible materials for storage.

12. Men’s Speed Stick Secret Stash.

If you are a stylish man looking for a cool item to stash your cash, then the Men’s Speed Stick-Diversion Can has you covered. This product looks simple yet it has secret compartment jewelry for your valuables. As if that is not enough, this product allows you to keep real deodorant on top while hiding other items at the bottom. So, you may remove the bottom side to access a secret storage compartment for keeping your cash, medicine, and other smaller items. You can use it in your car, luggage, pockets and gym bags.

13. Clorox Bleach Safe-Stash.

Sometimes you may stash your valuables in places or containers that look simple yet very secretive. The Clorox Bleach Safe-Stash Can is an authentic item in the essence that it’s made from a real 30 oz plastic bottle used for keeping Clorox concentrated bleach. Generally speaking, this bottle is weighted and secured, meaning that your valuables will remain safe for quite a long time. This is only possible thanks to its safe and secret compartment hidden right at the center of the bottle and obscured by the Clorox label. You can easily access that hidden compartment by simply twisting and pulling out the top part of the bottle.

14. Secret Hidden Compartment Light Bulb.

How about hiding your money, medicine and other items of great importance in plain sight using a light bulb? Well, this sounds like fiction but you turn a light bulb into one of the most desirable stash box combos in your home. What you need to do is to load what you feel is valuable into a bulb and then screw it into a ceiling outlet and sit back. No one will bother with checking what is inside a blown light build on the ceiling and that will give you peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe.

15. Puzzle Box Enigma Secret Discovery.

Puzzle Box Enigma is a high-end stash box that you can hide your money, gift cards, jewelry, and other items of value. This is a great gift that you can happily present to your loved ones during special moments such as holidays, anniversaries and graduation ceremonies. The box is simple to use and you can slide your bills and coins through an opening until when you feel that it’s time to retrieve them.

16. Wireless Keyboard Safe.

This is yet another unique item that you should include in your list of hidden safe ideas. Besides performing all those computing operations, you can use it for something totally different from what it is known for. You can use this unique wireless keyboard to keep your pens, paper clips, chopsticks, pencils, earbuds, and other personal items. What you have to do is to open it to reveal the hidden space underneath.

17. Vent Hidden Safe.

The best thing about home hidden vent-safe is its ability to blend in anywhere. This item looks just like the normal vent when placed on the wall but it turns out to be something else to those who know what it is. In addition, it’s the fastest access safe you will come across on the market. Once you purchase it, it will only take you five minutes to install and start using it. On top of that, it comes with backup batteries to enable you to open it without a struggle.

18. Diversion Safe Water Bottle.

The diversion safe water bottle allows you to keep your valuables and take them with you wherever you go. This is made possible with the secret compartment designed right inside and at the bottom side of the bottle. So, you can keep yourself hydrated throughout the day but still feel happy to have your valuables with you and in the safest place ever.

19. Case for iPhone

Vofolen case is designed primarily for iPhone. The casing itself is hybrid, can resist scratches, impact, and shock. This solid hard PC casing has a smooth feel, touch with elegant appearance and it is easy to clean. Apart from that, it has precise cutting, making it a better choice for all ports, speaker, camera, and side button on your iPhone. Also, it can protect the screen against any scratches. Vofolen Case can be a really nice and cool gift idea for your friends or family members.

20. Zip-Pocket Crew Socks.

Zip Pocket Crew Socks is a pair of socks that are unique in their own way. The uniqueness is attributed to the secure zip pockets on this pair of socks. The inner pocket is included to hold a standard credit card and other valuable items. Speaking of valuables, the pockets can carry cash, keys, golf tees, ID and so on. The socks are made of top-quality polyester materials and easy-to-grip, removable 3-dimensions zipper pull for easy removal and keeping of your items.

Final Thought.

There you have it! This list of top twenty cool stashes gives you different options of items that you can use to keep your valuables safe in the simplest way possible. Each item is unique not only in appearance and design but also in the way it is used. Pick one of them and keep your items safe in plain sight.

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