20 Awesome Piggy Banks Money Can Buy

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Do you think piggy banks are outdated? Think again, as there is nothing boring about this humble, ancient way of storing money. Turns out piggy banks as we know them date all the way back to The Middle Ages. Back then, people couldn’t afford metal jars for storage purposes as those were ridiculously expensive. Instead, they utilized cheap and cheerful clay dishes and pots (burnt orange color, all that jazz) that were called pygg. Specifically, clay containers used to store coins were called pygg pot, see where we’re going with this?

If you sense we’re getting closer to piggy banks, you’re spot on. Over time, “pygg” became “pigge”, which eventually evolved into “pig”. Inspired by the term similarity, the 19th century potters started making pig-shaped vessels for customers requesting pygg banks. Whether that was a coincidence or a clever pun, someone in that time made the world’s first funny piggy bank – and we are forever grateful for that

    Piggy bank gifts are perfect for any occasion, from giving one to a child to teach them the value of money, to presenting a colleague with a sophisticated one for Christmas as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. To help you out, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best piggy banks money can buy. Purchase a funny piggy bank today – and make someone (or yourself) happy!

Take a look at some of the best piggy bank ideas we were able to find online!

Best Piggy Banks Gifts:

1. Personalized Ceramic Kids Piggy Bank by Miles Kimball

     This seemingly old school piggy bank comes with a welcome creative twist. It can be personalized in any way your soul desires! Request a name, a quote or a date and one of the best piggy bank gifts in the universe is ready. These fun ceramic piggy banks come in several colors and include a rubber stopper, so you don’t need to destroy the pig to get the coins out.

2. Ceramic Elephant Piggy Bank For Kids

Who said “piggy banks” are always pigs? This wonderful glazed ceramic animal is a great alternative for those looking for something a little bit different. It’s made of exceptional quality ceramic dolomite, making it a keepsake that the recipient will cherish for a lifetime. With 7 colors to choose from, this cute little elephant is guaranteed to please.

3. Baby Aspen Unicorn Piggy Bank

The unicorn craze is in full swing, and this majestic designer piggy bank makes a great gift idea for kids who love magical unicorns! This funny piggy bank features gold foil horn and hooves, as well as mane and tail made of pastel ribbons. Truly magical and undeniably beautiful!

4. Big Mouth Funny Coin Bank For Adults

Picking money bank gifts for adults is made easy with this crazy fanny bank that makes a loud farting noise every time it’s fed a coin. There are many knockoffs around, so if you’d like to purchase perfect gag gift check out this funny money bank. Side note: don’t forget to purchase 3 AA batteries for this souvenir, as they are not included in the box.

5. Panda Bank- Automatically Stealing Coins

If you’re trying to teach a child the value of money, it’s advisable to incorporate fun games into the process – which is why this is one of the best piggy banks for the purpose! Place a coin on a clearly marked slot – and watch an adorable panda stealing it. 2 AA batteries required – not included in the box.

6. Beer Money Funny Money Bank

A great gift for any beer lover, this stylish savings bank looks like a ceramic jar with a cork lid. The letters will never fade, by the way, since they are kiln fired into the jar, no cheap erasable prints here! This is true quality stoneware, sure to delight the recipient for years to come (not to mention all the beer money they will be saving).

7. Star Wars Piggy Bank

Star Wars fans, rejoice: there are excellent coin bank gifts for you around! This product comes in a sealed box and features an accurately detailed Storm Trooper head that doubles as a piggy bank. It’s incredibly stylish and classy, making it a great piece of Star Wars memorabilia.

8. Teenage Ninja Turtle Bank

This fun and affordable savings bank is a great funny gift for any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles admirer, young or old. All turtle characters are available, but can you tell which one we are particularly fond of? Proudly manufactured in the United States, this product offers great value and exceptional quality.

9. Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank

One of the best piggy banks to teach teenagers about the money, this electronic mini-ATM takes both coins and notes, featuring two exciting ways to save. Specifically, it can store 600 pieces of Coins or 100 pieces of paper money, which means the fun will last a while before having to do it all over again. In addition, as any respectable ATM for adults, this one comes with 4-digit password protection: press the wrong password, and you won’t be able to access the savings. This feature offers your child a great sense of privacy, making it much more than just a funny money bank. Coolest coin bank for bills and coins available on market.

10. Coca-Cola Glass Bottle Coin Bank

One of the most confusing piggy bank gifts, this one is realistically shaped as a retro glass cola bottle! A great decor piece that’s fascinating enough as a gift for your design-obsessed friend. This one is a wonderful collectible that appeals to a much wider audience than Coca Cola lovers.

11. Cute Money Eating Coin Bank

This bizarre battery powered electronic money bank went viral online, thanks to realistically munching coins like there’s no tomorrow. Both cute and freaky, this motion activated gadget is one of the most iconic piggy banks of the decade, and we’ve seen a lot, so trust us on that one. Very expensive on release, it has now become very affordable. So, if you’re on a hunt for piggy bank gifts than this guy is not to be missed, hands down.

12. Car Bank Savings Money Box 

This stylish savings bank is a perfect gift for someone who’s currently saving for a new vehicle! Made of zinc alloy with engraved, rustless and fadeless details. This little car will seamlessly fit into any decor style. Very durable and versatile, this car bank is a wonderful souvenir, solid, rustic and unusual.

13. London Street Red Telephone Penny Bank

This money box is a perfect gift for any Englishman at heart! This unique coin box is made in a shape of iconic London phone booths and will quickly become the favorite decor piece in any house. Purchase this funny piggy bank as a gift for somebody or for yourself and inevitably, the amount of happiness in your life will go up.

14. Spinning World Globe Blue Coin Bank

Wanderlust is a costly disease. However, if you know someone who can’t quite afford to go on a trip of their lifetime yet, you can at least present them with this piggy bank to motivate and inspire them. This unique money bank also doubles as an accurate globe, making it a good educational tool for the kids.

15. Baseball Shape Bank for Saving Money

One of the most awesome money bank gifts for baseball fans, this beautiful souvenir is a hand painted ceramic piece with an exquisite raised design. Gorgeous enough to be displayed on an office desk or in a glass cabinet at home. This baseball bank featured a rubber stopper in the bottom, so the save and repeat cycle can be performed as many times as desired.

16. Tooarts Owl Shaped Metal Coin Bank Box

A side view of this funny giant piggy bank is included for a reason, as you can admire the mesh design, making all the savings visible. No more endless shaking and guessing because with this wise owl you will always know how close you are to filling up the money box.

17. Vintage Telephone Saving Bank

This antique looking piggy bank is cleverly disguised as a retro phone, and unless you know you won’t even be able to tell it’s a money box. It’s best suited for coins, although has large enough capacity for notes, or a merry combination of both. Made of durable synthetic resin, this stylish souvenir is one of the most beautiful piggy banks on our list.

18. Think Stores Vortex Bank 

This captivating funny piggy bank is basically your very own personal wishing well, a miniature of those giant spiral banks that can be seen in shopping malls. No more smashing the piggy bank, as the Vortex Bank II comes apart in the middle. Therefore, you can easily retrieve any donations or savings if you know this little secret. It can also teach kids science; as the developers explain, “dropping coins into the bank creates engaging amounts of potential energy including gravity and conservation of angular momentum a simulation of a decaying orbit”. Whoa – now that’s rocket science!

19. Mr & Mrs Creative Coin Bank 

This funny coin bank makes a great hens night or wedding present, capturing the true essence of financial relationships in many couples in a hilarious way. Warning: not suitable for those with no sense of humor! In case it’s not clear from the picture, here’s how this piggy bank works: on the inside of the box is a small slide that sends all the coins on the side of the Mrs. Sorry, Mr. – nothing for you today, only your beautiful lady!

20. 3D Maze Large Money Box

We might just have saved the best (or at least the most sophisticated) for the last! The king of piggy bank gifts, this one surely looks intimidating, so no one will ever dare steal the coins and notes it hides. The maze box offers a fun challenge, and after the puzzle box is solved, the contents can be retrieved to restart the adventure. Perfect for Christmas or as a little birthday gift. This funny piggy bank is truly amazing, and actually not as impossibly difficult to crack as it appears.


With rich history and so many variations to choose from, piggy bank gifts are suitable for everyone! Explore our selection of piggy banks to find the perfect funny money bank to give someone and let us know if you have any questions. Happy shopping!

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