Best Gifts for Truck Drivers They Will Appreciate

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Truck drivers are constantly on the move and getting close enough to find out what they would like as a gift for any occasion is difficult. And that’s what this list of gifts for truck drivers is for. Get that great gift for that truck driver in your life from the list we have compiled below.

Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers:

1. Car Seat Organizer.

A good way to reach out to your favorite trucker is through this High Road Swing Away Car front seat Organizer. The organizer is a bag with several compartments for putting the items needed for a long drive and is used to keep the items within reach for driver comfort while avoiding the clutter that comes with items strewn on the passenger seat. The bag has eight compartments of varying sizes for fitting document wallets, pens and other stationery, a water bottle and even compartments for pocket tissues and a cell phone. The organizer also has an adjustable strap that allows you to hang the bag on the headrest of the passenger seat.

2. Trucker’s Multi-Tool.

In their long journeys, truck drivers need several tools for the smooth running of their trucks and the timely conclusion of their journey. This Off Grid multi-tool would be a great addition to their toolbox. The tool consists of a curved axe, a hammer, a nail remover, a spanner and a pry bar combined into one with a shock-absorbent fiberglass handle and power grip to reduce the impact on the hand. The tool can be used for a wide variety of purposes like pulling nails, prying off nails and chipping at ice among others. This handy tool is certain to be a great gift for your friend.

3. Seat Cushion.

This seat cushion can come in handy when it comes to increasing the driver comfort of that truck driver in your life. Truckers drive sometimes throughout the cold and warm months and the air conditioning unit installed in the trucks may sometimes not be enough. This specially designed Snailax seat cushion has a cooling and heating pad integrated into its structure. It has three cooling levels for winter drives and 2 cooling levels for use during the summer. An overheat protective device ensures the temperature remains stable for that excellent truck driving experience. The power requirements are designed to be versatile with a 12-V car and a 24-V truck so compatibility with your trucker friend’s truck is not an issue.

4. Truck Travel Mug.

Keep that truck driver in your life hydrated with the drink of their choice as they go on with their work with this travel mug. The 7 inch tall and 3 inch diameter mug holds up to 16 ounces of fluid. The exterior is laser engraved with an image of the tractor unit of a truck. There is a space below it where the name of the trucker you intend to gift it to can be engraved making this mug a personalized gift idea. The name can be up to 20 characters. The mug has a stainless-steel exterior and a plastic interior with a fitting sipping lid.

5. Box Stove.

A practical gift in its own respect, this Koolatron box stove is a 12-V box stove with the capability to heat and cook foods with temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (About 150 degrees Celsius). The stove can be used to cook hot dogs, rice, grilled sandwiches and a variety of other foods along with reheating pizzas, soups and stews. This box stove would make a wonderful gift for a truck driver who has to take cold meals in the absence of a diner or an eatery along their journeys.

6. Love Key Chain.

This LParkin key chain is a great Valentine’s day gift idea for that trucker in your life. It is even more fitting if the truck driver is your husband, father figure or romantic lover. The key-ring has a charm attached to it that reads “Drive safe handsome. I love you”. The key-chain is made of stainless steel with a high-quality finish for protection against rust. The chain is also lead and nickel free to prevent allergic reactions.

7. Strap Winch.

Truck drivers use a lot of straps all the time and this strap winch is a great gift idea for a truck driver. Keeping all the straps that are used in a truck organized can be a daunting task even to the most diligent of truck drivers. This strap winch helps with half the task, by helping tie up unused straps. The instructions for use come alongside the winch and it involves attaching one end of the loose strap to the winch and then turning the pulley on the other end until the strap is all tied up.

8. Truck Expenses Notebook.

For efficient management of trucks and the finances that accompany them, truck drivers need to keep a record of expenses they incur throughout the journey. This is even more important for commercial vehicles. That being said, a truck expenses book would come in handy for such a task. This expenses notebook allows you to record your spending, whether on fuel, maintenance and even food and match them up with the profits made from a job. This is an important management gift you can give to a truck driver.

9. Heated Blankets.

Anything that offers comfort during the long journeys that truck drivers make is of great importance. Bearing in mind that truck drivers sometimes have to spend nights at the back of their trucks, a heated blanket would be a much-needed comfort. This Sunbeam blanket is a warm and fuzzy twin-quilted blanket designed to wrap around you during cold nights. The blanket has 10 heat settings and a Thermo Fine technology for consistent heat control. The blanket has a 10-hour auto turnoff function. The blanket is also machine washable and dryer safe. This blanket makes the list of top gifts for truck drives.

10. Seat Cushion.

Make sure that the trucker in your life is comfortable every time they go out for a long drive with this seat cushion. The Agllux seat cushion is built from high-quality foam with a non-slip rubber bottom to make sure that the bottom does not slide from the chair. The cushion is also designed to provide comfort for the tailbone and relieve back pain. The durable cushion is soft to touch and is machine washable.

11. Emergency Kit.

For people who spend huge chunks of their time on the road, there is no greater gift you can give them than an emergency kit. An emergency kit can come in handy, whether it’s the truck driver himself who has been involved in an accident or a fellow driver. The emergency kit comes with 42 emergency supplies and 64 first aid kits and an assurance that whatever emergency there is, you will find a suitable tool from the kit. The case is crafted from 600 D nylon canvas in a lightweight, compact design that can withstand tremendous pressure. Some items included in the case include booster jumper cables, scotch tape, hazard triangles and an assortment of various other items.

12. Truck Driver’s Ring.

Decorate your trucker boyfriend or husband with this Tiger Eye truck ring. The Sujak Jewelry men’s ring is made from 18-K gold overlay and a genuine tiger-eye stone at the center of the ring. Around the stone is engraved writing “Professional Truck Driver”. The gold overlay ensures the coating of the ring does not wear off with time. The ring comes with a gift box for a better gifting experience.

13. Trucker’s Jacket.

Gift this reflective trucker jacket to your trucker friend if you aim for a thoughtful gift. You can never know when one will be needed when you spend most of your life on the road. The Tingley Rubber Bomber Jacket is a lime green reflective leather jacket made from polyester material. The jacket is stitched and taped at the seams to ensure that it is completely waterproof. A quilted polyester lining provides warmth and comfort. The jacket is also equipped with a roll-a-way hood. The front is dark to prevent it from showing dirt.

14. Portable Mini Oven.

Let your trucker friend enjoy a delicious meal wherever they are with this Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven. The oven is 8.75” W by 6.75” L by 2.5” H. The bag is built with a tote bag and an aluminum lining on the inside and a sealed top for better heat retention. Warm food is placed in the holding area in flat-bottomed sealed metal, plastic or ceramic food containers. The bag has a sturdy reinforced bag that can be used for easy movement of the bag. The oven can keep food warm for several hours letting the truck driver you decide to gift it to enjoy food wherever they are on their journey.

15. 7-inch GPS Navigator.

If you are looking for a gift idea for that truck driver in your life that shows you support their career, then this navigator is the way to go. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art, the navigator helps monitor fuel consumption, distance traveled and can even notify you when your truck needs maintenance. The navigator can also help in finding areas of interest like restaurants, parking spaces and motels where one can spend the night. The navigator can also help customize the best route based on truck weight and size.

16. Metal Key Chain.

The Siskiyou Automotive Metal Key Chain is a key-ring with metal trucker-shaped attached. The cast metal is carved to detail with a depiction of a truck with a trailer attached to it and decals at the top of it. There are also some floral designs at the edges. At its top are the words “American Trucker” and “Trucker for life” at the bottom of the metal chunk. This key-chain can be given alongside a gift card or any other gift to show that trucker in your life that you appreciate them.

17. Travel and Toiletry Bag.

It is a well-known fact that truck drivers are constantly on the road. Gifting your truck driver friend with this ELV travel bag would be a highly appreciated gesture. The travel bag is both water-proof and has a lot of nifty innovations. The toiletry bag kit has a flap that can be hung to reveal the toiletries inside. The side pockets can also be opened for convenient reach. The bag also comes with two separate shoe bags for a pair of men’s and women’s shoes.

18. Car Safe.

Another great gift idea for truck drivers is this Bulldog case safe. The travel safe offers a superior kind of protection. The case is accessible via a key lock and can be used especially to store a travel gun if your trucker carries a firearm with them all the time in its concealed gun storage compartment. The heavy-duty case is made with steel and a black matte powder finish for an elegant look.

19. Trucker Coffee Mug.

Show your appreciation for that truck driver in your life with this trucker-inspired coffee mug. The white mug is made with quality glassware and printed with the finest technology to ensure that the print on the side of the mug does not wear off easily. This gift would also be a show of support for American products and it is a great gift if you have a constrained gift budget. The mug is available in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes.

20. Trucker Bluetooth Headset.

It is normal to care for the well-being of the people we love. Truck drivers are no exception. With each call they pick, they significantly increase their risk of getting involved in an accident. The huge weight and therefore momentum that trucks travel at, an accident would be catastrophic. This is where this Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset comes to save the day. This Bluetooth headset is designed to help that trucker in your life pick calls and communicate hands-free. This frees their hands to maintain control of the truck while they converse with a client, manager, friend or family. This would make a very thoughtful and wonderful gift for anyone you gift it to.

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