20 Amazing Gifts For Plumbers They Will Absolutely Love!

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Sometimes, tips are never enough, no matter the amount you tip. Sometimes, you want to give something more, something physical, something memorable to appreciate the pliers-wielding, pipe-fixing and leak-sealing hero in your life with. We have compiled this list of great gifts for plumbers so that you can appreciate that heaven-sent person that makes all your plumbing problems go away. The gifts, easily found on the Internet, are tailored to suit your every gifting need and whim. Whether you need a gift to appreciate, congratulate or celebrate a milestone event in the life of the plumber in your life, there will be at least one item that tickles your fancy and suits that very occasion.

Unique And Cool Gift Ideas For Plumbers:

1. Plumbing Whiskey Glass.

For most people who have tasking jobs, there is simply no better feeling than drowning one on the rocks after a particularly busy and stressful day. It even comes in handy more if the job involves spending the entire day bending under leaking sinks, broken plumbing in the wall and fixing leaky faucets. The work can be draining. Well, with this whiskey glass, you can not only help the plumber in your life to relax better after work with a glass themed to their occupation. The 11-ounce glass from Etched Dreams is handcrafted with an image of a leaking faucet and a monkey wrench at the side. This shows thought and uniqueness in the gift and makes it much more appreciated.

2. Professional Knee-Pads.

The plumbing profession is heavily demanding on knees because logically, it’s the easiest way to reach under the kitchen or bathroom sink. However, this comes with a price. Most plumbers suffer from knee pain either due to the lack of kneepads or due to the use of poor-quality kneepads. One of the best gifts for plumbers, the NoCry professional kneepads are made from durable foam padding to ensure the plumber in your life does not lack a good night’s sleep due to aching knees. The exterior is made from polyester to make sure the knees breathe. It also makes the kneepads lightweight, which is a huge plus if they are to be worn often. This would also make a great gift for dads in the plumbing profession.

3. Campfire Coffee Mug.

Another great gift item for plumbers is this campfire coffee mug. Designed to bring an appreciation of the plumbing career to the trail. The Andaz Press coffee mug is made to satisfy outdoor standards. It is a stainless-steel mug with an enamel exterior. The enamel coat is sublimated to ensure that rough handling, the cold and fire from the campfire does not chip the coating. The 11-ounce “World’s Okayest Plumber” coffee mug is made for durability and conforms to FDA regulations of food containers. It, therefore, does not pose any health hazards to the recipient of this wonderful gesture.

4. Plumber Tools Belt Buckle.

This gift for men not only fastens pairs of pants, but it also sends a macho statement. The stack looking grey cowboy belt is made so to massage the ego of the wearer as well as act as an accessory to jeans. The face of the pewter buckle is engraved with the word “Plumber” and shows an assortment of plumber tools. This buckle is one item that would make a great gift for plumber boyfriends. Its measurements are also suitable for a wide variety of belt sizes and do not inhibit proper movement of the wearer.

5. Tray Tool Bag.

With all the tools that plumbers carry around, even the most careful of people would have a hard time organizing and keeping track of them. This is where the need to have a tool bag arises. Unlike other tool bags, this CLC work gear tool bag is uniquely designed to handle great loads that are bound to happen when you have a lot of tools like plumbers do. It is made from heavy canvass for durability. The bottom and sides are padded to ensure that tools do not sag and the sides can retain their shape even when loaded. It also has 16 pockets, some with plastic divisions to hold tools of different sizes and shapes. The bag is shaped like a tray for easy access to tools. This is another great addition to the list of gifts for plumbers.

6. Tool Pouch.

Father’s Day gifts for a plumber can be hard to come up with, and that is why we suggest this tool pouch for this special day. The tool pouch that is made small and compact so that it can fit most of the essential tools needed for a plumbing gig. The fanny pack has seven roomy pockets that can fit any assortment of spanners, screwdrivers and wrenches. The pouch also has an adjustable belt strap to fasten it around the waist firmly when working. Made from tear-resistant 600D canvass, the pouch will not only withstand a large amount of weight but also last for long. It is also dust and stain resistant and is a good way to keep tools organized.

7. Plumbers Sewer Gloves.

Sewer water, dirt and grime collected at the neck of a sink drainage pipe are unsanitary to handle. It is for this reason that plumbers require, or rather, need gloves in their daily occupation. These Roto sewer gloves are both a great gift and a great solution to this problem that the plumber in your life might be facing. The gloves are made from a quality water-proof material to ensure the water does not seep to the hands. They also have a safety cuff to ensure that the gloves can fit any hand and they do not fall off during use. Contribute to the collection and protect your favorite plumber from bacteria and germs with this tool for plumbers.

8. Novelty Plumber T-Shirt.

Novelty t-shirts are an all-time classic and they still remain to this day. This is exactly what this t-shirt is. The “Plumber: King of Trades” t-shirt is a themed t-shirt made for people in the profession. The simplistic style and the cursive font in which some of the text is written add to the beauty of the apparel. The lightweight double-needle sleeve shirt comes in a variety of colors to suit color preferences. If your goal was a flattering retirement gift for plumbers, then this here is a great option.

9. Plumber’s Wrench Tool.

Tie clips are an important addition to a plumber’s tool kit. This is even better when coupled with a wrench tool, which is one of the most used tools by plumbers. This miniature tool measures only 2.5 inches long and combines a small silver-toned wrench and a square tie clip. This can come in handy when it comes to fixing faucets and tying small nuts. The item comes in a gift box, ready to be gifted to the plumber in your life. The portability of the wrench tool is its greatest advantage.

10. Leather Hip Flask.

Another one unique gift for plumbers is this hip flask. The item is made from high-quality stainless steel, that ensures that the flask is leak-proof. The exterior is also wrapped in leather that makes it a very thoughtful gift to gift the plumber in your life.

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11. Christmas Toilet Bowl And Plunger.

You can take back your plumber friend with this old-school design of the flush toilet. Flush toilets were originally invented in the fifteenth century but were only popularized during the industrial revolution. This model is made to resemble the earliest invention of the toilet. These two glass-blown ornaments would make a great gift item for plumbers.

12. Swanson Magnetic Torpedo Level.

For whatever purpose plumbers need a level, this particular Swanson magnetic torpedo would be the best for the job. Built with a solid billet, the level is designed to not only provide good service but also last for a very long time. The level measures 9 inches and has four strong neodymium magnetic. The level is particularly useful in measuring conduit bends. The very high accuracy level of the level makes this a very valuable tool for plumbers.

13. Stylus LED Penlight.

On numerous occasions, plumbers have to look down narrow and dark conduits and pipes in their process of fixing plumbing and blockages associated with them. One tool used for this job is a penlight. This has several advantages. The small size of the light allows it to be used in the smallest of pipes. Moreover, the specialized point LED light displays more light at lesser power consumption. The penlight is also easily portable due to its small size. This Streamlight stylus torch uses two standard AAA batteries and would make a wonderful gift for plumber boyfriend.

14. Wireless Endoscope. 

Another excellent gift for plumbers that would greatly make their work easier is this wireless endoscope. Torches and penlights can only be so effective. Their functionality is limited when it comes to bends and very narrow pipes since it is difficult to light and view at the same time. This endoscope solves both problems at one go and makes one of the most useful gifts for plumbers. The device is easily connected to a smartphone or iPad and one can monitor the pipe by inserting the endoscope in the pipe. The length of the cable is 10-m and can, therefore, observe a pipe of similar length. Bright illumination used in the camera end of the cable allows one to look through even the darkest of pipes.

15. LED Headlamp.

Underground lateral and sewer lines require specialized equipment, tools and expertise. Plumbers who do underground renovations require lamps such as this. The Wallesun rechargeable USB outdoor flashlight is suitable for such operations. Fixed with three light modes. Moreover, it is water resistant in order to withstand the wet and humid conditions of underground water tunnels. It comes with three light modes; low light, strong light and stroboscopic (flashing mode) mode. The lamp holder is adjustable for various viewing positions. This piece of equipment is a very appropriate gift for plumbers, especially if work in underground water conduits.

16. Lightweight Tool Vest.

Gifts for plumbers come in all shapes and sizes and this particular one is a vest. It is built with breathable mesh material enhanced with bits of reflective material to make the wearer visible even in dimly lit work conditions such as underground tunnels. The vest has many zipper pocket pouches and several others to hold as many tools as possible on your person. This not only reduces the number of tools put in a toolbox but also increases the ease with which tools are accessed during a job.

17. Heavy Duty Wrench.

Wrenches are great gifts for dads, especially if they are plumbers. Wrenches are better than ordinary spanners in that they can fasten and unfasten any size of nuts or bolts provided you fix the width of the mouth of the monkey wrench. This Tradespro heavy duty pipe wrench measures 14-inches and is made from the highest quality metal that makes it durable and strong enough for use in many situations. This is a must-have tool for plumbers and a good gift for them as well.

18. Protective Eyeglasses.

Water splashes are a common hazard in the plumbing career. Protective glasses, therefore, come in handy in situations where the water has high pressure and can damage eyes or has germs and impurities such as sewage water. This pair of DeWalt spectacles is heavily reinforced with rubber to ensure that they don’t cause stress injuries on the wearer. The bifocal lens used has a magnification of 1.5 and can, therefore, double up as reading glasses. They are distortion free and, therefore, reduce eye fatigue on the eyes of the user which makes it a great gift for plumbers.

19. Measuring Tape.

Another important tool for plumbers is the measuring tape and would make a pretty nifty gift for plumbers. A good deal of them uses metallic sheet tapes. The material makes it easy for the user to measure items and distances alone, unlike cloth tapes that require assistance. The Komelon is a 25-foot measuring tape, double-sided for easy measurement. It is also rubber-padded to make the casing impact resistant. The blade is nylon coated for durability and the hook end of the tape is magnetic to maintain contact while the plumber is measuring.

20. Magnetic Wrench Vinyl Sticker.

Well, if the plumber in your life is pretty hooked to his profession and is already of all or most of the items on this list, you can gift them this magnetic vinyl sticker. The sticker is printed with non-fading UV for a high-quality resolution and look. It is durable and weatherproof and can be washed as well. The 5-inch stickers can stick on any magnetic surface such as fridges and cars.

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