20 Cool Wallets for Men That Are Stylish And Unique!


Wallets remain a vital accessory among men. They help men, who traditionally travel light, to organize the items they carry on their person. These include cards and cash and quite often, identification documents. Wallet trends, as with interior decor and style trends, tend to lean towards minimalist designs these days. Minimalist wallets are compact but still perform their required function. Other popular wallet designs include slim wallets and fold wallets. Wallets are a great gift to give to any man. Cool wallets for men are a great way to go if you are looking for a gift for that man in your life.

Check unique wallets for men as an idea for a gift:

1. Superman Wallet.

Rekindle the fire of your man’s childhood and boyhood with this superman wallet. The bifold wallet has the famous Superman shield from the DC Comics hero emblazoned on the side. The material of the wallet is made primarily from denim. The edges and inside of the wallet are double-sewn to ensure that the wallet is durable. The wallet measures 4.3 by 3.5 inches and fits any bill size. Numerous compartments on the inside can hold a significant number of cards. This Superman can be given to kids or any DC Comics fan to appeal to their inner hero.

2. Game of Thrones Folder.

TV shows, especially those with violence and some strong language are men’s forte. TV show-themed wallets make cool wallets for men. This particular one is a Game of Thrones wallet, designed with the show’s famous trademark title at the back. The wallet is fashioned after House Stark, a family in the show whose crest is a dire wolf. For this reason, a wolf is at the front of the wallet with an inscription, “Winter is coming”. This wallet would be a great wallet choice for any GoT fan.

3. Walnut Wood Wallet.

Stylish, unique and simplistic are all understatements when it comes to this wallet. The object in question is a minimalistic wallet made from walnut wood. Two furnished pieces of wood are joined together with an elastic strap that keeps them together. The chic design allows up to fifteen debit or credit cards to be slipped between the two conjoined pieces of wood. Additional items such as bills and notes can be placed alongside the cards, cushioned by the two slices of wood or place on either side of the mini-wallet between the holding elastic strap and the side of the wallet. The slim wallet does not puff out in the pockets and protects the cards therein from damage and does not wear out like leather. A great gift in its own right, anyone would be honored to receive this wallet from you.

4. Titanium Wallet.

Getting cool wallets for nerds has never been easier. If your decision is to give that nerd friend of yours a wallet, look no further. This minimalistic unisex slim wallet is built from two plates of titanium. The plates are laser-cut for excellent precision and are made out of 100% pure titanium. The plates are joined together by a lace wound around the edges to create a space for your credit cards between the plates. The build is durable as it is made from metal and is scratch-resistant as well. The front pocket wallet also has RFID protection to thwart identity theft through RFID scanners. It weighs 50 grams and is one of the lightest wallets you could find anywhere.

5. Star Wars Wallet.

The Star Wars fan universe is vast and if the intended recipient of your gift is a fan too, you are in luck. This Star Wars wallet is a bifold boxed wallet made with a textured PU leather body. The brown wallet also has several internal compartments for cards and cash. The front of the wallet is emblazoned with the Star Wars Rebel Army logo. The logo is an officially licensed metal shield badge that is attached to the face of the wallet. There is no better way to rock the Star Wars universe of that fan in your life.

6. Leather Aluminum Wallet.

This wallet is definitely a top contender for best men’s wallets. This Dango Dapper wallet is made from a combination of genuine leather and CNC aluminum. The wallet features an aluminum lining on the sides to prevent wear and tear on these contact areas. The aluminum sides are joined to the leather using stainless steel rivets for a tastefully chic finish. The Every Day Carry (EDC) wallet is designed to hold up to a maximum of 12 cards, business or credit cards. The card-holder is also enhanced with RFID protection to safeguard your credit card information from theft. Even though the wallet is made from high-quality aerospace grade aluminum, it weighs just over 2 ounces. The wallets also come in a variety of colors.

7. Rustic Leather Wallet.

You might want to go for a personalized wallet gift for your man. This is your best bet if you lean to that direction. The Pegai heirloom product is handcrafted from rustic genuine leather. Rustic leather is a form of full-grain leather that has been tanned but not finished. The distressed leather is heavy-duty and is guaranteed to be durable. The ultra slim leather wallet is made on order and fire-branded with an initial of your choice at the face of the wallet. The design is an invitation for minimalistic living with only a few slots for inserting your cards and folded bills. Moreover, a fraction of the proceeds from each sale goes to unfortunate children.

8. Paracord Wallet.

Paracord accessories are made purely from strings. The name itself is a shortened version of parachute cord. Needless to say, the wallet is made from lightweight nylon kernmantle rope that was formally used in making suspension ropes for parachutes. This wallet is made from the same string and comes in a wide range of colors. The paracords are weaved to create three compartments for your bills and cards. Moreover, in case of emergency, the wallet can be unwound to form a very strong 50 feet cord. The seller can reassemble the item for you in case of such an emergency. This would be a very nifty gift for men in cord-demanding careers.

9. Batman Wallet.

Still, on the subject of bifold themed wallets, this is another item on that list. The batman wallet is just that; a wallet with a DC Comics licensed gunmetal batman logo embedded to the face of the wallet. The rest of the wallet is made of PU leather and textured with a geometric background that is consistent throughout the entire wallet. The large capacity men’s wallet contains plenty of storage for cash and your credit cards. It also contains a clear interior compartment for inserting your ID and driver’s license. This is a very cool wallet for teenage guys.

10. Casual Leather Wallet.

Bifold wallets are stylish and easily compressible. The entire body of this casual wallet is made purely from genuine natural leather that is comfortable to touch. This wallet is also a large capacity men’s wallet and it has two ID slots, eight card slot and two cash slots for bills. Despite its large capacity, the wallet is quite slim and easily fits in pant pockets. The wallet also incorporates RFID protection technology to protect your card information. Slip this wallet into a gift box and gift it to any man in your life.

11. Carbon Fiber Wallet.

This Martrams slim front pocket wallet redefines the definition of cool wallets for men. The wallet is both tasteful and minimalistic. The body of the card-holder wallet is made from carbon fiber which is reason enough to justify the light weight of the wallet. The carbon body also incorporates aviation aluminum metal in the design. This helps in preventing wireless theft of credit card information through RFID. Despite its small size, it can hold up to 12 cards and 8 folded bills easily. Make that man in your life look cool with this slim wallet gift. The slip-on design of the wallet allows easy access to your cards and cash.

12. Dragon Organizer Wallet.

A gasp is the first reaction you expect when you give that man in your life this wallet as a gift. The stylish way in which the Chinese dragon is etched onto the face of the wallet is anything if not striking and it makes you just want to run your fingers through the etchings. The antique design is complemented by the light brown color of the wallet body. The slim bifold wallet is fastened with a snap fastener and detachable chain to complement the design. The chain can be used to attach the wallet to your pants. The body is made of genuine leather. Once opened, the wallet is like an organizer, with cascading compartments for several cards and folded bills.

13. Crocodile Skin Leather Wallet.

Another great candidate in the list of cool wallets for men is this genuine leather bifold wallet. Each wallet is handmade in an elegant biker and trucker style. When closed, the wallet measures 8 by 3.5 inches. The inside of the wallet contains two bill compartments and six slots for credit cards or any other cards in your Every Day Carry.

14. Push Button Wallet.

As the name states, this hybrid wallet and card holder is a mechanical card holder that can be used to dispense cards. The cardholder has two-part, a section to feed your cards and a part with buttons to dispense the card of choice. The card not only protects and organizes cards but also selects and protects them. The body is made of a brushed chrome atop the polycarbonate chassis. The underside is rubberized for anti-slip and keeps cards separate. The logos and labels can be used to quickly access whichever card you need at checkout. This would make a really cool wallet for men interested in simple tools and mechanics.

15.  Stainless Steel Wallet.

Credit card and identity theft have been quite rampant in the past few years. You can help protect that male figure in your life by gifting them this stainless-steel organizational box. The box doubles up as both a card-holder and an RFID protection device. This protects the information of the cards in the box from wireless theft by identity thieves. The several compartments in the box can also be used to hold folded bills.

16. Polycarbonate Money Clip.

Two polycarbonate plates and a binding elastic strap are all the materials used to make this minimalistic and simplistic design wallet and card holder. The Radix One ultralight money clip allows one to organize up to ten cards and money in an easy access front pocket wallet.

17. Travel Charger Wallet.

For high profile and business people, always being connected is essential so as to attend to urgent matters as soon as possible. This genuine leather wallet is a 7-compartment wallet that can hold credit cards and cash. Besides that, the wallet also has an inbuilt battery with travel adapters for both iOS and Android. The wallet also has fast-charging capabilities and can charge the entire 4000mAh capacity wallet battery in less than an hour. This is wallet gift could come in handy for the man in your life.

18. US Dollar Purse And Card Holder.

This particular wallet for men is built from high-quality PU leather made especially as a cool gift for guys. The wallet can be used by men of all ages. It contains a zipper pouch, two pockets, four credit card slots and two photo windows for an ID and driver’s license or student ID for teenagers. The wallet is shaped and designed like a dollar bill in both shape and feel.

19. Minecraft Wallet.

Minecraft is an adventure game where you can create a virtual world using pixel-like building blocks and go on an adventure as well. Given the social-dynamics of the players of this game, this wallet would make a cool gift for teenage boys. This wallet is themed in a style similar to Minecraft gameplay. The material of the wallet is durable polyester nylon and the wallet includes four card pockets and an additional translucent ID window pocket.

20. Microfiber Wallet.

This London-designed wallet is made with microfiber because of its light and durable property. Moreover, the material is water resistant and prevents damage to your wallet and anything in it. The minimalistic ultra slim wallet has several pockets for your cards and cash and comes in a range of colors. It also has a clear window for your identification documents. The wallet also has RFID protection to guard your cards against wireless information theft.