20 Amazing Gifts For Runners They Will Absolutely Love!

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 Do you draw a blank each time you try to think of the perfect gift to give to your athletic friends? Have you ransacked your brain for a wonderful gift to give them to no avail? Be the highlight of your friend’s special day with these awesome gifts for runners ideas. Running doesn’t have to be the only thing that makes their hearts race. Even you can do that with a thoughtful gift. This list is curated with gift ideas for runners that will appeal to the whatever demographic that the runner in your life belongs to.

Unique And Cool Gift Ideas For Runners:

1. Waist Running Pouch Belt.

This patented Sports2People belt is a utilitarian sports belt made with athletes in mind. The running belt has an adjustable fastener and two pockets for storing items. This functionality makes sure that the belt does not bob up and down during the activity. The belt has two roomy pockets to hold any items the runner needs. The bag is also waterproof which ensures that it can be used in any weather conditions without the items contained therein being destroyed by water or dust. It also has a slot to insert the earphone jack for non-stop music during a running or workout session. This is simply, one of the best gifts you could offer your runner friend.

2. Reflective Emergency Vest With Identification Label.

It is normal to care about the people we love and we would want to keep them safe at all costs. If your love or friendship is invested in a runner, you can help keep them safe using this reflector jacket. The jacket comes in all shapes and sizes and offers a visibility range of up to 500M. Your friend doesn’t have to be hit by a motorist because a reflector jacket is not part of their running gear. In case that happens, the jacket also has an identification label that can hold a name, contact details and blood group details for emergencies. The yellow jacket comes with an option for pink in case you are looking for running gifts for her.

3. Bib Display and Medal Hanger.

If race bibs, medals or any other mementos clutter the living space of your favorite runner, you can help with that. Well, at least when it comes to the bib and medal part. This bib-folio metal wall mount serves that exact purpose. The medal hanger comes with a top part for the bibs that can take bibs measuring up to 14” by 10.25” and a bottom part for medals. The mount can house a maximum of 24 medals and 100 race bibs comfortably. The hooks for holding the bibs and medals are easy-to-use slip-in clips. Options for a unique design and color are also available in order to add a personal feel to the wall-mount. The item also comes with complementary protector sheets to protect your friend’s bibs from discoloration and bleaching.

4. Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling.

Why settle for reflective when you can glow with this illuminative jacket. The Tracer360 jacket is a hybrid reflective and illuminative jacket that is aimed at increasing the visibility of the wearer at night and therefore reducing the possibility of being knocked down by a vehicle when on an early morning or a late evening run. The adjustable lightweight and weatherproof jacket have embedded LED lights that glow in the dark. The vest comes in various color modes that are selectable with the click of a button and a flashable mode to make the runner in your life even more visible and therefore safe during night runs.

5. Foot Massager for Runners.

Foot pain comes in all shapes and sizes such as the plantar fasciitis which is a stabbing pain at the bottom of the foot. This injury occurs mainly in runners and can be as a result of intense training, tight or weak calf muscles and improper running shoes. Using this foot massage therapy kit can help alleviate this irritating pain from the feet of those you adore. The high strength and durable kit offer optimal pressure and deeper tissue massage to help relieve foot pain and possible injuries that may occur. The three balls offered as part of the kit are of different sizes and two are textured for a better massage experience. These balls are great gift ideas for runners.

6. Hydro-Sleeve Package.

It is important to keep hydrated during any physical exercise and that is exactly what this package does. The package is designed as an armband with a water container at the top of it. The armband can hold up to 7.5 ounces, as much as a small bottle. As if that’s not enough, the bag is designed to eliminate slosh by using an elastic anti-slosh container to hold the water. After a sip, the container readjusts itself to fit the new volume of water and thus eliminate slosh. The bag is also insulated with a thermo-cool insulator to keep water at its temperature during a run. The drinking bite-valve attached to the top is adjustable for drinking while you run and is an awesome gift for any runner.

7. Sabre Red Pepper Spray.

If you are worried about what to get as a running gift for her, you should rally your attention to this handy little device especially if her running route is quite dangerous. The Sabre pepper spray is a police-strength pepper spray – this means it guarantees the heat strength of a police pepper spray. The easy to use canister has a Velcro strap to wear around your hand for instant use in case of an attack. It has a 12-foot range which allows a victim to defend themselves against a potential attack from a safe distance. The pepper spray comes with an adjustable nozzle with a safe mode in case no potential attackers are around and a ready mode for instant spraying in case of an attack. It also has a shelf-life of 4 and does not require replacement often.

8. Runner Stereo Bluetooth Hat.

Music is an important aspect of running and physical exercise. This Coeuspow Music Beanie cup is a hat with a built-in microphone. The hat serves as a hands-free speaker for any device, be it a cell phone, an iPad or a PDA. The hat also has a rechargeable battery. It eliminates the need of wearing earphones or headphones in your hat. It is also Bluetooth compatible and keeps you both warm and entertained during runs. This is a very cool gift for runners.

9. Knuckle Lights.

Help that runner in your life illuminate their path with this amazing gift for runners. The pair of knuckle lights provide sufficient light for a knight stroll, a run and can even be used when camping. The knuckles can be attached to the hands with non-slip adjustable one-size-fits-all straps. The innovative design leaves the hands free to do other activities such as hold a water bottle. Darkness should not be a hindrance to the running routines of the fast runners in your life.

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10.Recipes for Hungry Athletes.

Preparing for an athletic event takes a lot of preparation. This is even more intense if you or your favorite runner is preparing for a marathon. In this case, these quick-fix recipes are a great marathon gift idea. The Run Fast. Cook Fast, Eat Slow is a collection of quick-fix recipes that athletes can make when they are hungry to quickly satiate their hunger after a long run. The meals are wholesome as is recommended of athletes in general and runners in particular.

11. Knee Brace for Running, Hiking.

Knee pains are quite common among runners. Most of these are caused by inflamed or sore tendons, especially the patellar tendon that is located just below the knee. This can be a huge draw-back for professional runners and athletes. Knee straps, which are normally put in place at the bottom of the knee, help alleviate this by preventing stress to the aforementioned tendon. This Abco Tech knee strap works in much the same way. The strap is high quality, durable and light as it is made from light neoprene and nylon. Despite relieving knee pain, the strap can also prevent injury to the knee and provide a comfortable running experience for your favorite runner.

12. Hand-Held Water Bottle.

This Amphipod hand-held water bottle is an innovative water bottle that helps runners maintain a hold of their hydration source when running. The bottle is curved to enable easy sipping when running. It also has an adjustable strap that is wearable. The strap also has a zipper pocket to keep little items such as your iPod or keys. The cap of the bottle is Jett-squeeze to provide quick leak-free hydration. The cushioning sleeve which contains the strap can be easily removed for washing. Moreover, the bottle is insulated in order to keep the water warm or cold. This is a great idea in the list of gifts for runners.

13. Bluetooth Earbuds.

Another way you can keep the runner in your life psyched up when going on with their running activities is by gifting them this pair of Bluetooth earbuds. The pair is sweat-resistant and comes with the latest Bluetooth technology to enable seamless playing of music wirelessly from any device. The earbuds combine a high-capacity battery with low power consumption to offer 3-4 hours of listening time. Quick-access buttons and a microphone allows easy control of the buds and access to Siri, Google Assistant or any other voice assistant. The sweat-resistant quality serves to prevent moisture damage.

14. Nutritional Energy Gel.

Runners have delicate dietary requirements. Some of them can be achieved through supplements such as this collection of energy gels with assorted flavors. The flavors included in the 24-packet box include strawberry, blackberry, vanilla, chocolate and caramel. Whichever the flavor, each sachet contains 100 calories and essential electrolytes in a portable packet. The level of caffeine, however, varies with the flavor. The gel contains additives to provide essential sugars, energy and amino-acids that help decrease muscle damage during exercise.

15. Garmin GPS Running Watch.

If your search is for cool gifts for runners then this is the hidden treasure you’ve been looking for. Recent advances in technology have led to the invention of watches that monitor heart-rate and other body functions during activities such as running. Such is this Garmin running wristwatch. Apart from monitoring heart rate, the watch also has an in-built GPS to help navigating in unfamiliar places. Vibration alerts built in the watch also help the runner in tracking milestones and achievements through the exercise or race. The watch does not need a cell phone to work but can be connected to one in order to keep track of information collected on a day-to-day basis. For any runner, this would be a very nifty device to own.

16. Ice Running Shoes.

Running on ice is a very treacherous endeavor and can lead to bad and possibly terrible injuries especially if the runner does not have proper snow or ice running shoes. It is recommended that shoes that are used on slippery terrain have proper traction. Traction is almost everything that these Yaktrax shoes embody. The high-quality running shoes have 1.4-inch rubber coils at the bottom secured onto a heavy-duty rubber bottom. The shoes are usable in extremely low temperatures of up to -41 degrees F. They would make a great runner’s gift for runners in areas that experience extreme winter conditions.

17. Water Resistant Phone Armband.

In modern times, mobile devices have become a very vital part of our lives. Even when running, there is a need to carry these devices. This water-resistant armband helps to that end. It works as a phone-holder when running and secures it safely to prevent it from being dislodged and falling. The armband has an adjustable wrist strap and is suitable for a variety of mobile devices. This armband would make a very thoughtful gift for runners in your life.

18. Athletic Socks For Running.

Is your runner partner always complaining of blisters after a jog or workout session? You can gift them this pair of socks to help them in avoiding blisters. The pair of socks is made of light and breathable material to keep feet dry during exercise. The socks are also padded at specific points prone to blisters such as toes and heels. As far as gifts for runners go, this is a very thoughtful gift for runners.

19. Roller Massage Stick.

Roller massage sticks are a good way of relieving muscle pain among runners. Muscle rollers help relieve stress on muscles and aid recovery of sore muscles, stiffness and pain after workouts and exercise. These Idson massage rods are made from thermoplastic rubber and connected with polypropylene handles for better ergonomics. They are recommended by physical and massage therapists worldwide and if used correctly, they can increase circulation and prevent injury.

20. Runner Key-chain.

This item is a runner key-chain made of stainless steel. The key-chain contains two attached charms; a running shoe and a charm that contains the sentiment “She believed she could, so she did”. This is a great runner gift for her to show appreciation or as a congratulatory gift for an accomplished feat.

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