Top 8 Best Quiet Keyboards For Gaming, Typing and Office

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  Finding a great keyboard, especially if you’re on a mission to find the best quiet keyboards, can be a challenging task. It doesn’t make it any easier that ultimately, choosing from a variety of quiet and silent keyboards currently available on the market largely comes to personal preference – and yet, you simply cannot ignore certain important features and characteristics when it comes to voting with your hard-earned dollar.


Choosing The Right Keyboard

    The right gaming keyboard can make all the difference in your virtual battles, and since the best quiet keyboards are not exactly dirt-cheap, it is crucial to pick wisely. Quality gaming keyboards are built to last, including enduring abuse and rage that can lead to vigorous keyboard bashing.

    Picking a quality quiet gaming keyboard ensures that even the angriest gamers will get years of happy use from their purchase, enjoying responsiveness, speed and accuracy like no other.    Other interesting features upmarket keyboards usually carry include handling of multiple key presses at once, custom lighting profiles (yes to effortless gaming in the dark!), and tweakable macros.

Whilst some of these features may be excessive for you, others can make your gaming life much easier, so it’s important to know exactly what you are looking for when navigating among the endless ocean of quiet and silent keyboards from various brands.    Feeling overwhelmed? Fret not, as we have put together this guide with tips and tricks, as well as a handy list of the best silent keyboards we were able to find on the internet!

Best quiet keyboards: summary
With all that new knowledge, it’s time to go online shopping!


This is a wonderful silent keyboard pick, especially for the price (under $50 for the keyboard alone or add a few dollars to get a mouse and/or a mouse mat on top; the wrist rest is included already).

Some of the key features include three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting with an option to pick from 10+ presets; 6 dedicated programmable macro keys; direct audio control keys; and multi-key anti-ghosting to ensure insanely accurate multiple key press tracking. As for the cons, some users note that the charging dock doesn’t provide enough sensitivity.


∗ Great price

∗ Amazing LED presets

∗ Highly sensitive

×  Charging dock issues 

2. Vive Comb Wireless Keyboard

This compact, rechargeable keyboard is very affordable, and comes in a handy bundle with an ergonomically designed mouse, making it a great investment. It’s also wireless, offering a reliable, strong connection at up to 10 m with no delays – perfect for those gaming with a TV as a monitor. It’s very slim and light, making the Vive Comb a great transportable pick. Forget to turn off your wireless devices? No problem, as this quiet and silent gaming keyboard has an auto sleep mode.

If you do happen to tire it out, you’ll be pleased to know that it recharges very quickly, and a single feed provides 35 hours of continuous working. Programmable hot keys, adjustable DPI and ergonomic design are some of the key features making it one of the best quiet keyboards. However, the absence of any sort of LED is a significant drawback for night gamers.


∗ Wireless


∗ Rechargeable

∗ Light and portable



×  No LED 

3. BFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard

Looking for a quiet gaming keyboard under $30? Look no further than this little guy! Light and slim, this full-size wired keyboard comes in several attractive colorways, including baby pink and mint for gamers who secretly long for pastels. Low profile keys make working on this keyboard feel like a seamless glide.

It also comes with a keyboard cover in the package, suggesting easy transportation. Unsurprisingly for the price point, there is no LED and not quite enough programmable keys, but it’s still a great budget option for many gamers.


∗ Fun design

∗ Very quiet

∗ Low profile keys

∗ Insanely affordable


×  No LED ×  Lack of programmable options

4. Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you know your way around quiet and silent keyboards and are ready for a big investment, this model may be just the ticket. It’s equipped with 100% Cherry MX gaming key switches, which means you will get to enjoy patented gold-cross point contacts which are durable, reliable and insanely precise. No clicks or bumps whatsoever – just a smooth glide all along.

Of course, Corsair also equipped the model with fully programmable keys and multi-color dynamic backlighting for the ultimate gaming experience. A signature detachable wrist rest (included) and powerful anti-ghosting complete this powerful gaming setup.


∗ Jam-packed with gamer-friendly features

∗ Fully programmable

∗ No clicking

∗ Cherry MX gaming key switches

×  Relatively bulky

5. HyperX Alloy Elite

This mid-range keyboard rightfully makes it to our list of the best quiet keyboards due to its balanced features combined with the signature sleek design. Gamers love the option to choose between the six dynamic LED effects created by the integrated light bar, which is simply stunning.

Of course, there are Cherry MX mechanical keys for ultimate reliability, and the solid steel frame completes the solid design. Media buttons, large volume wheel and overall great controls complete this wonderful device.


∗ Signature LED bar

∗ Great controls

∗ Cherry MX keys

∗ Solid design


×  Some users report random key malfunctioning


6. KLIM Lightning Semi Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another great pick under $30, this model features powerful LED despite the low price point! It’s also a semi-mechanical keyboard, with the unique hybrid design offering the best of both words. The metal frame makes this keyboard exceptionally durable, which is reflected in its substantial weight of approximately 1 kg (probably not the best choice to take on a beach holiday).

The philosophy of the brand lies in simplicity, which is why they don’t overload their offerings with unnecessary drivers and heavy software. Everything is easily configurable straight from the keyboard, and the manual takes you through every step. The keyboard is also equipped with anti-ghosting technology, making multitasking a breeze.


∗ Lots of features for a low price

∗ Powerful LED

∗ Solid frame

∗ Simple configuring

×  The overall design is a bit too out-there and could be sleeker

7. CORSAIR STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another great offering from Corsair, this mid-range model is one of the best quiet keyboards on the market. Despite the modest price, it’s equipped with the famous Cherry MX gaming key switches, the awesomeness of which we have already established. It’s very responsive, with a smooth, linear response and large actuation zone.

You won’t notice any clicks or bumps while working on this keyboard, guaranteed. As many other Corsair models, this one is fully programmable and comes with brilliant RGB backlighting which can be easily adjusted as you please. And it goes without saying that the model is shipped with the Corsair’s signature wrist support and is equipped with advanced anti-ghosting!


∗ Cherry MX key switches

∗ Stunning backlighting

∗ Fully programmable

∗ Smooth and responsive

×  Some gamers report unpleasant key wobble

8. E-Element Z-88 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Last but certainly not least, this affordable quiet gaming keyboard is an excellent pick. The custom mechanical switches ensure responsiveness and durability, preserving the device for years to come no matter what your gaming style it. Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover technologies ensure smooth multitasking with high speed.

There are 10 presets for RGB backlighting, and everyone will easily find a setup they enjoy. Durable and ergonomic, this keyboard is a great pick for any gamer.


∗ Custom mechanical switches

∗ Durable and solid

∗ Stunning RGB effects

∗ Detachable USB cable

×  No ability to light specified keys – only presets

Other Thinks To Consider While Choosing Best Keyboard

   Although in this guide we are focusing specifically on quiet and silent keyboards, we believe it’s important to provide an overview of the main differences between the silent and clicky types to help you make an informed choice. It’s an ongoing debate between gamers, and ultimately, both keyboard types have their pros and cons.

The clicky keyboards, also known as tactile, are a superior choice for heavy typers – but not necessarily for avid gamers. The definite “clicks” provide confidence to quickly switch between characters when typing rapidly, as it provides confidence that the keys are definitely being pressed. It’s worth saying that some gamers still seem to prefer this type, enjoying the sharp clicks. However, it comes at a cost, which is noise – and lots of it, especially if it’s a heavy gaming session we’re talking about.

This can be especially annoying in shared spaces, where roommates, family members and even neighbors (if the walls are thin enough) are more than likely to complain about the clicky madness, which isn’t an ideal situation for anyone involved. And gaming at night?

Pretty much forget about it, as the high-frequency noises are sure to keep any bystanders awake (and angry). In contrast, quiet and silent keyboards are free of those disturbance issues, suitable for happy gaming around the clock. Undeniably, if you haven’t used a quiet gaming keyboard before, you are likely to experience a bit of a learning curve – however, once you’re used to it, chances are you’ll never want to go back to the olden clicky days. Due to their design, silent keyboards are a much better choice for gaming situations when you need to move around fast and perform many actions simultaneously, which calls for great responsiveness and reaction time.

This is because quiet and silent keyboards have noticeably lighter actuation force, meaning they will respond to lighter presses, quicker. Essentially, unlike clicky keyboards, silent switches will activate at about a third of the total key travel time, as opposed to tactile keyboards, where you have to go the entire way before the magic happens. For gaming, the latter can be both frustrating and tiring. In summary, if your main aim for a keyboard upgrade is effortless gaming, pick a quiet gaming keyboard – and you won’t be disappointed. From happy roommates to exceptional reaction time, the benefits are truly amazing.


And there you have it – a comprehensive reviews of some of the best quiet keyboards available online! Take your time going through the list and noting the features (or lack thereof) that are the most important for you, and you will pick the right quiet gaming keyboard for your needs in no time.
   Hope you found this guide helpful, and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. Otherwise, happy shopping – and consequently, happy gaming!

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