Best left handed gaming mouse.



Comfortable and Unique mouses for left-handed people:

1. Left-handed Vertical Mouse Jelly Comb Wireless MV016.

This enigmatic gaming beast is explicable to be used as a gaming gadget, with extended vertical design to use it with more ease and comfort. Intelligent features like auto power saving mode and wireless connectivity make it an elite choice among gamers. It provides plausible experience when dealing with complex and first-person narrative games.

Specifications and Features

  • It comes with the maximum dpi setup wireless with a perfectly curved vertical design to provide efficiency and comfort while playing.
  • Easy grip for left-handlers, and easy to carry with a storage compartment for Nano receiver present at the bottom of the mouse.
  • The intelligent power saving mode enabled automatically saves power if it detects a few seconds of inactivity. With 8-10 of sleep mode while not used at all for an extended period of time. Smart and Savvy.
  • Two internet navigation buttons are also present to provide ease while using the internet without using your hands for the operation.
  • This awesome mouse is compatible with various operating systems and is also best fit for various hardware options. It pairs radically with each and every one of them without creating any hassle.
Due to its explicit and one of a kind vertical design, it is the most popular and considered as the best left-handed gaming mouse. And extra features like multiple sensors incorporated in the mouse to give the user the best gaming experience ever. Makes this mouse the best bet to buy.

2. RAZER DeathAdder Left handed eSports Ergonomic Gaming mouse.

A fantastic installment dedicated by the RAZER Company for left-handed gamer’s to provide them with the most comfortable and precision oriented gadget. It has got a magnificent design and left-hand support system; the super lightweight and profoundly controlled precision makes it a legend among the gamers. You can have the full support of the hand and the palm over the mouse and enjoy the most feasible game-play.

Specifications and Features

  • It has a minimum of 3500 DPI (Dots per inch) sensitive spectrum which makes it the most eligible gaming mouse. The precision and accuracy while dealing with sophisticated and swift actions in gaming are paramount.
  • Another fascinating factor is the 3.5G infrared sensor, which is specifically designed to provide the most accurate tracking movement in the gaming. Within a period of seconds, it monitors and executes your moves.
  • It is nothing like a conventional gaming mouse that is why it is equipped with 1000Hz ultra polling technology to provide you with the most robust execution supporting a response time of 1 ms.
  • The sophisticated design allows the user to compensate and switch various gaming tabs and it also minimizes wrist and hand tension.
The amazing mouse which is favored by eSports community worldwide, also renowned for its swift execution of multiple processes and user safety. The fascinating build provides an extra layer of security and rock-solid quality. Definitely, the best left-handed gaming mouse there is and also verified and referred by extreme gamers worldwide.

3. Logitech G602 Lag Free Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Known for its extraordinary build and smooth interface with the user, Logitech wireless connectivity mouse offers extended use of almost 250 hours of battery life. Which means non-stop gaming with no worries of recharging or any other technological issues. The shell based structures present all over the body allows for a more subtle and firm grip. Also carrying various smart buttons for switching between gaming tabs and deal with other executions as well as controlling volume, previous/next option and intelligent desktop monitoring.

Specifications and Features

  • The most extended battery life there is with up to 250 Hours of non-stop use. Also, any reason to recharge or maintain battery life is not necessary.
  • Has the most advanced power-saving technology which allows saving battery when the device is idle or not in use.
  • The delta zero sensor technology allows you to use this mouse on every practical surface there is. Try using the various surface for tracking.
  • Long life buttons tested for almost 20 million clicks constantly and still perform their task with robust execution. Supported by the various OS including Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.
This item surely secures its position among the best left-handed gaming mouse 2018 for various practical reasons. Best functional buttons for extended use in eSports and other gaming platforms and Delta zero technology which allows the device to be used on any surface. Allowing the user to concentrate more on gaming rather than finding a suitable place for the mouse.

4. Razer Taipan Ambidextrous PC Gaming Mouse.

Another installment among the classic RAZER series is the Taipan Ambidextrous 4G laser sensor mouse. One of the most notable characteristics of this mouse is that it is Ambidextrous which means that it can be used both by right and left hand equally. The esteemed RAZER logo with internal light displays your ultimate thirst for gaming, and various buttons present among the sides also provide convenience for switching tabs while gaming to execute emergency responses.

Features and Specifications

  • Allows the user to enjoy the most extreme and robust game-play there is with the 8200dpi 4G laser sensor. It controls the precise tracking movement with zero chances for any errors.
  • The sleek and beautiful design provides with easy grip and performing fast-paced actions like controlling movements in the game-play.
  • The ambidextrous design makes it an ideal mouse for gamer’s with all type of preference, whether they want to use it with right or left hand.
  • The buttons imprinted over the body are hypersensitive, even a slightest of the touch executes the action devised by the user. The mouse senses the action and executes it with just a slight touch of your fingers. Rest assured that you are winning with precision.
  • Auto calibration and surface monitoring allow you to calibrate your device professionally if any error arises. This feature is provided with RAZER Synapse feature.
Razer Taipan is probably the best left-handed gaming mouse 2018 due to its ambidextrous design. All type of users can facilitate from this excellent installment by the Razer. And the 8200dpi 4G laser technology allows for the best positioning and tracking of your hand movements and executing the actions accordingly.

5. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Mouse.

Only one of a kind, the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is the only mouse available in the market which provides the user with the ultimate choice of using the gadget for a wired or wireless game play. Also, the mouse is ambidextrous which is a best fit for both right-handed as well as left-handed gamer’s accordingly. The idea of using your gadget as you please is already enthusiastic and uplifting among the gamer’s.

Specifications and Features

  • The sleek silver-plated design with extremely fine chroming over the buttons displays for a more beautiful and alluring gaming mouse there is.
  • With the extended feature of using this device wired or wireless allows the gamer to switch between the available option according to the need or mode of the game play.
  • Under the moments of extreme duress, a lag-time from a gaming mouse can be an ultimate difference between winning or losing it all. That is why Logitech G900 spectrum comes with lag free responses wired or wireless.
  • The amazing gaming software that comes pre-installed as the mouse driver allows the gamer’s to configure various mouse settings according to their preference.
  • The extended battery timing gives 32 Hours of the game play with only a single charge.
Not only you can use this extremely beautiful and ambidextrous gadget for various gaming modes, but also you can facilitate from the amazing lag-free feature as well that makes it an exceptional left-handed wireless gaming mouse. If you insist on playing hard or fast paced games you probably want to keep this fantastic lag free technology up on your sleeve to ace the scores.

6. Razer MOBA Gaming Mouse.

Specifically designed for people enrolled in MOBA games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) to provide the gamer’s with full control of various possible actions in the game play. This essential gadget comes with 7 button thumb grid dedicated with the mechanical buttons which ensures that you never misclick. The super elegant design with flashing Razer logo on it makes it more appealing and demanding among the MOBA game players. This mouse is exclusively designed for left-hand gamer’s, and every aspect of this mechanical beauty is interpreted and designed accordingly.

Specifications and Features

  • This beautiful installment from Razer is mainly designed for MOBA gamer’s who have to deal with extended battle strategies and likewise actions in the battle arena.
  • The 7 button thumb grid comes with programmable mechanical buttons allowing you to have an easy and quick access to dedicated action regarding a specific click.
  • The fiber USB cable adds an extra layer of security which allows more secured use and the ergonomic feature allows for more subtle and dedicated gaming with comfort.
  • The multi-light functionality allows the user to manually adjust the impressive spectrum of 16.8 million colors and watch your play style in a different light every time.
  • It also comes with 16000dpi 5G laser technology which allows the user to retain maximum functionality during in-game actions.
One of a kind Razer MOBA gaming mouse is an absolute beauty that comes with 7 button thumb grid to assist the MOBA game players during their game play. Not only every button is re-programmable but also provide the gamer’s with ease of selecting the accurate function for a specific button. It allows space for more personalized game play.


7. Perixx Perimice-513 Left Handed Ergonomic vertical mouse.

Classic vertical design with an astounded left handed profile is the most prominent and wide selling asset of Perixx Perimice-513. The sound body and edged curves allow for a more firm yet delicate grip over the mouse for esteemed functionality. The slightly tilted left shape allows for easy handling and grip without bending the arm and wrist. Best fit for medium and large left-handed gamer’s with a calculated design of the button layout.
This amazing gadget surely has the tendency to redesign your gaming experience once and for all. Let us have a look at various specs and features.

Specifications and Features

  • Specifically designed for people who have to spend the long period of their time over computer screens, also the super flexible design with soft texture allows for the most robust gaming.
  • Provides gentle and easy access to various channels with 6 dedicated buttons having room for a little reprogramming to assign a particular task to each button.
  • Plug and Play USB interface allowing for easy installation and readily available operation.
  • Compatible with a wider variety of operating systems including Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 as well.
  • Very plausible to be used by RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) syndrome people as it allows robust and smooth movement of palm and wrist altogether.
 If you have to use the system for an extended period of time or gaming then this amazing mouse should be your first priority. The vertical design allows for the smooth and hassle-free handling and DPI switch functionality will enable you to use the mouse at various precision’s speeds that depend upon the task at hand.

8. VicTsing Wireless gaming mouse.

This awesome gaming beast allows you to change the DPI of the mouse concerning 5 adjustable levels of 800, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2400 for various speed alternations. The cool and sturdy design allows for better and firm grip, and you can use this elegant beast for various gaming modes. And the magnificent quiet button design allows you to act fast yet silent in your game play with producing a little or no noise altogether.

Specifications and Features

  • Has the Ultra-fast 2.4G Two-way wireless transmission technology providing the user with a more secure and precise transmission distance of 10 meters or 30ft.
  • Left and right buttons implemented on either side provide quiet noise cancellation which allows you to play hard on the inside and soft on sound on the outside.
  • This gaming mouse works on various services just fine and is equipped with the most amazing battery saving chip which automatically turns the mouse to sleep mode if not used for an extended period of time.
  • Strong compatibility, the gaming mouse is specifically built to be used by various operating systems including Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 as well.
The ultimate choice of various eSports professionals worldwide which turns your gaming experience into a more subtle and action-packed adventure. The fast execution speed and changeable speed of the mouse allow the gamer’s to tackle various speed oriented phases in the games. The ambidextrous feature allows the gamer to use this gadget with great comfort and ease in both hands equally.