Best Case Fans 2023 [ Reviews and Buying Guide ]



Whether you are in the process of building a custom desktop computer or have noticed your trusty PC is running a bit hotter that you like it, it may be time to start shopping for the best case fans for cooling.

However, a quick online search is likely to expose you to thousands of options, and picking the right one can be difficult, especially if you aren’t too sure which parameters to consider. To make the mission less daunting for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best case fans for PC currently available on the market.

Which one is the absolute best is hard to tell, since ultimately the choice will depend on your personal preferences, as well as the parameters of your computer. When comparing the best 120mm case fans for cooling, you will need to consider things such as dimensions, component compatibility, and other important specs. Speaking of the dimensions, don’t forget to check them before jumping on any offers, as you need to know how much space you have for a successful fan set up.

Furthermore, sometimes you may have to consider a system of multiple cooling fans as opposed to a stand-alone one. Our list of the top 10 best case fans in 2023 is guaranteed to help you make the right choice!

But first – let’s talk about why do you need to bother with a case fan to start with!

What does a case fan do for your computer’s performance?

    Today’s technological advancements put constantly increasing demands on PC and laptop developers – everything needs to work faster, process tasks better, and consume power efficiently. Addressing those demands leads to more strain on computer parts, which leads to increased internal temperatures.

In turn, overheating can wreck complete havoc on your machine, causing malfunctions and breakages, and potentially endangering all your data. Needless to say, maintaining appropriate computer temperature is extremely important to avoid these unfortunate complications! One way to achieve optimal temperature and maintain in as active cooling, which is exactly where case fans come into play.

When chosen well and installed appropriately, a good case fan can do wonders for your computer, pushing the heat away from the most troublesome areas such as the CPU heat-sink, whilst pulling cool air inside at the same time. All of the top 10 best case fans we are reviewing today are perfectly capable of achieving this vital balance, prolonging the lifespan of your computer!

Parameters to consider when choosing from the best case fans for cooling.

Rest assured that every single one of the top 10 best case fans from our list does its job amazingly – however, there are still important parameters to consider when it comes to picking the best of the best: the case fan that’s perfect for you. Some of the factors to consider include:

 The importance of pretty looks. Your case may or may not provide a view of your fan, and you also may or may not care regardless. Be honest with yourself when figuring out whether aesthetics are important, and will you actually be happy if your fan doesn’t come with pretty light ways and fancy blades. There is no right or wrong answer, but definitely something to think about before pulling out your credit card!

 How loud is too loud? Powerful case fans can be a bit noisy for many people’s liking, so consider whether you’re sensitive to noise levels and pick accordingly. This is not to say there are no powerful and quiet models available on the market – but achieving both features simultaneously inevitably inflates the price tag. Bottom line: to avoid disappointment, make sure you understand fan noise rankings and know what you can live with comfortably.

 Preferred type of fan controls. Some fans are as simple as plug-and-play – just plug it in, and it will keep turning on and off as necessary. Some more advanced models, however, allow for manually controlling the settings – alternatively, you may want to invest in a fan controller or use specialized software. Any solution is good solution so long as it’s right for you!

What are you trying to cool off, exactly? Is there is a specific part of your system that gets overheated consistently, or are you simply looking for pre-emptive measures affecting the entire interior? Alternatively, if you already have a cooling fan, what are your reasons for replacing or supplementing it – noise levels, power, or something else? Consider your active cooling goals before taking a plunge and picking one of the top 10 case fans from our selection.

Final checks before we start.

It’s almost time to dive into our selection of the best case fans for cooling! Just a couple of final checks to make the selection process easier for you:

 • Check your case size. Then triple-check it – and pick a fan appropriately! For instance, if your case is extra-large, purchasing a tiny 80MM fan won’t do much, if anything, for temperature maintenance, as only matching case and fan sizes are capable of producing appropriate RPMs and powerful air flow for efficient operation.

• What PC connector type do you have? If unsure, check it now! There are three main options here: a 2-Pin, 3-Pin, and 4-Pin. The first option isn’t used too often in modern computers, as it’s only suitable for a basic on/off setup.

Without further delays, let’s dive straight into our carefully curated list!

Best cooler processor fans to check:

1. Corsair Air Series AF120

The Corsair Air Series AF120, which can be found in both single and twin options, is without a doubt a worthy addition to this list. With outstanding cooling performance and captivating red LED illumination, this base fan definitely will not go unnoticed. However, there is a little catch: for optimal performance, these little guys require at least 3cm clearance for optimal speed and airflow, which means if the space is tight, the Corsair Air Series AF120 may not be for you. If you can, however, satisfy this quirk , you’ll soon see what this fine specimen is capable of.


∗ Superior cooling performance

∗ Captivating illumination

∗ Minimal noise

∗  High air flow



×  Requires high clearance

×  Flimsy screws

2. Thermaltake Riing 12 CL-F055-PL12RE-A

One of the best case fans for cooling available on the market, this model comes with twin or triple packs and boasts impressive performance. It comes with a beautifully fitted patented LED ring, precisely engineered concentrated compression blades for stronger cool air flow, low noise level, a unique anti-vibration mounting system and rubber pads in all the right places for easy installation. Some customers indicate that it’s a bit low on static pressure, but this is an easy fix with a stronger motor.


∗ A unique compression blade system

∗ Ergonomic design

∗ Anti-vibration mounting system 


×  Could do with more static pressure 

3. Thermaltake Riing 12 CL-F038-PL12BU-A

Another fabulous Thermaltake model featuring the Concentrated Compression Blade system, this single-fan unit is also engineered using the hydraulic bearing low noise design technique. In addition, it solves the low static pressure problem by adding the wind blocker frame, which is designed to work with the compression blades, reducing noise and vibration and balancing out the power output. As always with this awesome brand, the model comes with the famous anti-vibration mounting system, which is very intuitive and completely hassle-free.


∗ A unique compression blade system

∗ Easy installation

∗ Wind blocker frame 


×  Can be quite noisy in certain conditions 

4. Corsair Air Series SP 120

With impressive design combined with awesome features, Corsair delivers the goods again! With high static pressure cooling and tasteful LED illumination, this is certainly one of the best base fans for cooling on the market. Speaking of the LED, if the looks are important for you, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the translucent, frosted fan blades, creating stunning visual effects as they rotate. It’s not all about the pretty lights, however, as the fan blades also have a special design that reduces vibration, noise and turbulence.


∗ High static pressure

∗ Stunning illumination

∗ Low noise and vibration 


×  Although the overall noise level is low, the fan sometimes makes a buzzing sound which some people find unbearable 


5. Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120

If you’re easily entertained by changing LED lights, this model might be the one for you! Boasting an impressive customizable RGB color scheme, this base fan offers unlimited color options, so you’ll definitely want it to be visible. Other exciting features include a silent cooling technology, as well as a smart fan sensor that is created specifically for jam protection, whilst the rubber mounts ensure easy installation.


∗ Stunning play of color

∗ Smart fan sensor 


×  Not the quietest kid on the block

6. BitFenix Spectre Pro BFF-SPRO-23030KK-RP

This no-nonsense unit is for those who don’t care about the looks and only want to hear about performance. It’s not ugly by any means, but you won’t find any fancy LEDs here either. This unit is just as wonderfully powerful as it is silent, offering high air flow and solid construction. It feels very rigid and durable, which is just what you want for a case fan that lasts a while.


∗ Solid construction

∗ Powerful

∗ Quiet 


×  Vibration can be wobbly 

7. Noctua NF-P12

Don’t overlook this bad boy because of the simple design, as many happy customers refer to it as a “sure bet” that simply gets the job done. It balances low noise and great power due to its solid, elaborately engineered construction. However, arguably, the price tag is quite steep compared to some similar models in the category. Still, we believe the Noctua NF-P12 is one of the top 10 best case fans available in 2023.


∗ Precisely engineered design

∗ Low noise

∗ High power 


×  Steep price tag 

8. Cooler Master JetFlo 120 R4-JFDP-20PB-R1

A true masterpiece, this fan is ultra-thin – however, don’t let it fool you, as the unit is extremely powerful. For instance, its high performance motor is capable of spinning the blades around to generate as much as 95 CFM airflow (excluding the 10% margin). This long-lasting, durable model offers both LED and non-LED options, letting you pick whatever your heart desires. With low noise levels and smart jam protection, this fan is a must to consider.


∗ Ultra-thin design

∗ Powerful motor

∗ Variety of design options 

×  Some customers find it noisy 

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This innovative fan offers a curious two-way installation feature – it blows warm air out of the case actively whilst also drawing cool air in. The improved air flow results in efficient ventilation, ensuring long service life. No design frills, however – if appearance is an important factor, you probably won’t pick this humble little guy.


∗ Quiet and efficient ventilation

∗ Two way installation

∗ Durable 


×  Mediocre design 

10. Noctua NF-F12

One of the most popular Noctua creations, this fan features great balance between power and quietness. It has a meticulously engineered frame including eleven stator guide vanes, and the impeller is one of the best ones ever created. The model is also supplied with a low-noise adapter that reduces the maximum fan speed, ensuring whisper-quiet performance when needed.


∗ Thoughtful design

∗ Noise capping

∗ Powerful 


×  No LED  



And there you have it – a carefully crafted selection of the top 10 best case fans! Hope you will find a perfect one among some of the best case fans for cooling available in 2023.