Top 5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets 2023

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Riding a motorcycle is an exciting and freeing experience. Most people find it as the easiest way to travel. It gives you an opportunity to cruise around town and avoid traffic quagmire. However, it’s pretty evident that you need to protect your head with a helmet. That’s why Bluetooth technology has engineered motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth, not only to protect your dome, but to also help you communicate with friends, family, and other bikers; without compromising your safety. Since getting a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is daunting, we have reviewed best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for your expediency.

Best helmets for motorcycle to check from:

1. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Secure, lightweight, and quality Bluetooth- the DLX Bell Qualifier comes jam-packed with all right features at an impressive price. The helmet comes with Transitions photochromic face shield system which darkens under the UV light. The chin vent of DLX opens a wide horizontal bar that allows direct flow of air via the vertical ports fitted on both sides. It also has a brow vent which opens through a central tab, making it one of the best ventilated Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. The poly-carbonate material used makes the product lightweight while its construction and design reduce noise. More so, the interior padding is anti-bacterial and breathable which makes your helmet safe from breeding diseases. It has contoured padding to give you a comfortable fit. This product has integrated speakers, that makes listening to music a soothing and memorable experience.


∗ Lightweight poly-carbonate shell

∗ Comes in various colors

∗ An adjustable ventilation system for comfort and cooling

 Moisture-wicking, washable-removable interior


× You’ll need to spend more cash on Bluetooth unit

2. TORC T14B Mako Full-Face Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet

Torc T14B helmet is an ideal choice for riders who are looking for a successful Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. The product is solid and heavy at 5 pounds, which is a great deal of support and structural stability. The helmet is equipped with a Bluetooth integrated shell which adds value and convenience. This helmet is named after the shark due to its recognizable and sleek body lines. Its lightweight feature makes it more comfortable. It’s fitted with a laser contoured padded lining that offers superior comfort. Bikers love listening to music as they ride their motorcycles, and with Mako Bluetooth integrated shell, it shall be easy to do so. People won’t spend more money buying additional pieces of equipment. The inner line is thick and well-padded for comfortable wear. The drop down visor system protects you against the wind during your ride. Its oval shape gives it a futuristic look that makes the rider look like a space traveler.


∗ Extremely light in weight

∗ Comes with an optically correct shield

∗ Reasonably priced

 Internal drop-down shun shield



× Poor air ventilation 

× The product runs a little small than regular helmet sizes

3. FreedConn Bluetooth Full-Face Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn is a dream helmet for a person who would love to enjoy a ride with soothing music. It has built-in Bluetooth with an intercom communication system that enables you to talk with two people while driving. The helmet’s intercom feature is probably the most advanced technology right now. It allows you to talk with a person who is 500meter away. The built-in 3.0 Bluetooth enables you to stream music directly from your smartphone. More so, it gives you an opportunity to listen to GPS directions. You can as well as listen to FM radio while riding. The ventilation is well put up which is ideal not to cause any hitches in breathing or discomfort. The inner liner is absorbent, removable, soft, and thus easy to wash and maintain. The exterior of FreedConn is adaptable to all weather conditions. Its fitted with dual visors, therefore, it’s sunlight and water resistant. With these great specs, this custom Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is worth every cent.


∗ Removable and washable inner liner

∗ The inner liner is removable and washable

∗ Dual visor

∗  Stable Bluetooth connection


×  The visor lack UV ray protection

4. HJC CL MAXBT II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

In today’s world, protection is not the only spec that people look for in helmets. People have delved into searching products that are stylish, comfortable and affordable. HJC Bluetooth Helmet is fitted with great features that make it an outstanding helmet in the market. The manufacturers mind the convenience and comfort of the riders. The material used is extremely lightweight and durable to make sure it does not become a burden to the user. The chin strap is fitting, comfortable, and it can be opened using a single button system. The ready-to-use speaker and Bluetooth allow you to connect your phone to it. Its sound quality is just perfect for one and all. The front shield of this helmet is coated to protect the user from the harmful UV rays.


∗ Great ventilation system

∗ An optically superior face shield

∗ Lightweight polycarbonate shell

∗  High-quality helmet


×  It’s pretty noisy but bearable 

5. TORC T27 Full-Face with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth Modular Helmet

The T27 is an innovative modular helmet made with sports styling. It has the most advanced interior for comfortability. The inner lining is removable and washable, thus easy cleaning and maintaining. It’s a custom Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that is well-ventilated and modish. The advanced Bluetooth 2.0 technology enables rider-rider or rider-passenger communication at a range of 100 feet with another TORC T27. The product has a two-way communication system to help you make and receive calls. The incoming calls override the ongoing processes but with the call reject feature; you can easily limit call interruptions.

The T27 helmet is equipped with great features like full duplex DPS filter communications, auto-adjusting volume, waterproof and glove-friendly controls. More so, its fitted with a noise-canceling microphone as well as a drop down visor. The voice is loud and clear, and the speakers can be used for 8 continuous hours. The product has an EPS which is beneficial in the instance of abrupt movement or hard impact.


∗ Bluetooth works perfectly

∗ Advanced ventilation system

∗ Designed to provide a snug fit

∗  Has an ESP component



×  Pricey

×  There is no DOT sticker at the back 

The process of picking the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is an overwhelming task. However, you cannot go wrong with any of these Bluetooth helmets. Each of their strength surpasses their individual limitations. Now, the ball is on you to decide the helmet you would take on your next trip.