20 Great Baby Shower Gifts for Boy or Girl!

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Baby’s are a gift, and their arrival too is heralded and celebrated with gifts. Baby shower gifts for boys, in particular, should not only be less colorful than for their fairer sex counterparts but also a little less floral and more interactive. That is why we curated this list of gift ideas for baby shower gifts for the expected male angels in your friend’s lives. They consist of a wide variety of items that will help alleviate the stress that comes with having a new-born infant in the house for that special couple or a single mother in your life and help the early life of the infant be exciting.

20 Cute And Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

1. Monthly Milestone Blanket.

Keeping track of baby milestones and their growth is a key aspect of raising a child. This baby blanket does not only keep the bouncing baby boy warm but also helps keep track of milestones and the age of the baby. The blanket comes pre-printed with numbers from 1 to 12, each representing the age of the baby in months. The blanket is made from premium fleece with no allergens in order to make sure the baby is comfortable. The premium fleece is also super soft and tender on the sensitive baby’s skin. Custom photos and props can be added to the blanket to make it the most thoughtful and best baby shower gift possible. The mat can also be used as a playmat, stroller cover or as a swaddle blanket.

2. Swaddle Blanket.

A cute baby boy deserves a cute swaddling blanket. That is what this plush blanket is. Because it is made for babies, the blanket is made of polyester to make sure that the baby is warm and comfortable as could possibly be. The blanket size is suitable for babies of 0 to 6 months and is adjustable for different sizes of babies. It has a hook and fastener to adjust this. The swaddle blanket has separate feet to enable the baby to kick freely when wrapped in the blanket. The ultra-thick blanket is the ultimate baby shower gift for someone expecting a baby boy.

3. Diaper Organizer.

Sometimes, organizing baby diapers can be a really difficult task for even the best of parents. That is why this diaper caddy and organizer comes in handy. Its is a practical baby shower gift that allows the owner to keep their diapers and other baby utilities organized. The caddy is suitable for carrying anywhere. It has durable straps that allow the organizer to be strapped to a car seat, a crib side and even has holes for hanging on the wall. The organizer is made with durable material that prevents sagging. The organizer shelves can hold up to 52 diapers and side pockets for baby essentials such as baby oils and baby powders. If you want to rock the baby shower of that expectant friend in your life, you should try this unique gift for baby showers.

4. Baby Socks Gift Set.

Rock that baby shower with this gift set of cute baby socks. The gift set consists of four pairs of socks each with a sentiment printed at the feet of the socks. The beautiful, thoughtful and memorable socks are guaranteed to make the mother and any other baby admirers gawk in awe at how cute the baby looks in the socks. The socks are made of spandex combined with cotton to ensure that the socks are both soft and comfortable as well as elastic. They also make sure that the baby’s soft skin is not irritated by the material. None of the sentiments are made in poor taste and are therefore suitable for even sensitive would-be moms.

5. Nursery Care Kit.

Babies deserve tender and loving care. This nursery kit is a cool baby shower gift idea. The kit contains a lot of trinkets that can be used in tending to the baby. The kit contains a syringe and a medicine dispenser for administering medicine to the baby. It also has a pacifier, nail clippers and emery boards for the baby’s tiny nails. The kit also has a pair of thermometers, an information card for storing doctor’s credentials and a nasal aspirator for alleviating nasal congestion in the baby.

6. Monthly Necktie Stickers.

Keeping track of a baby’s age is a great activity for new parents. Well, you can help them with this set of 16 monthly tie stickers, each with a month on it and some other extra ones with sentiments. The non-paper stickers are made on thin strong vinyl that easily adheres to fabric. The stickers are pre-cut and come individually so that they can be easily patched in neckties. Because of the possible messes that babies make, the stickers are smudge, water and scratch resistant.

7. 19-Piece Essential Baby Boys Gift Set.

If you cannot find a unique baby shower present, there is always the option of going big. There is no better way to go big than with this 19-piece boys gift set from Gerber. The array of 19 items range from bodysuits, onesies, knit caps, flannel blankets and sleep-n-plays. The items are all made from skin-friendly material that will not irritate the baby’s skin or cause discomfort. The items are designed to fit any newborn babies perfectly.

8. Baby Bottle Warmer.

This Philips baby warmer is a fast baby food warmer with a space that allows milk bottles, toddler cups and food jars to be placed. The warmer is conveniently designed to make sure that the food placed in the warmer is evenly warmed with a rotation mechanism similar to that found on a microwave. Its fast-warming capabilities are evident from its ability to reheat 4-ounces of milk in 3 minutes. It also has settings for defrosting baby food and breast milk. Its small design allows it to fit on a counter or nightstand. As far as unique gifts for baby showers go, this definitely tops the chart.

9. Felt Nursery Crib.


This engaging newborn crib is a must-have for any new parents. The cot is made from felt and comes with complimentary hanging toys to help the baby sleep or to keep the baby wooed and engaged when they are awake. The hanging toys include stars, cloud, a moon, unicorns, rings and wool balls that add to the beauty of the crib. These hanging toys are important to the development of the child. Moreover, the crib comes in different colors that suit the decor of the room. The crib is not only a great gift for mom and dad but will also eliminate the need for your favorite couple to get one.

10. White Noise Machine.


Babies are used to white noise. It is the first sound that they encounter when they are still in the womb. Once born, babies can be disconcerted by the sudden noise and hushed tones. Research has also shown that white noise helps babies have continuous sleep. White noise can be manufactured using a white noise machine such as this one from Baby Sleep Soothers. This particular white noise machine also has a star projector that illuminates the ceiling of the room and lulls the baby to sleep. This cool baby shower gift idea will help the baby to have a good night sleep and thus, be less irritable to both the mother and other caregivers.

11. Baby Monitor.

The dawn of the twenty-first century brought about baby monitors that help keep track of the baby during the night or when otherwise engaged. Getting one of these baby shower gifts for boys will go a long way in easing the way into parenthood for that expectant friend or business acquaintance. The baby monitor comes in two parts, a camera with a changeable lens and a wireless device to observe the baby with. Rotatable camera and an interchangeable lens allow the user to optimize viewing angles. The viewing device has a long-lasting battery that is rechargeable. The wireless communication does not use the internet and thus creeps cannot spy on the baby.

12. Baby Memory Book.

Memories and keepsakes make us humans. They allow us to relieve and to revisit sections of our lives that shaped us or that are important to us. This is very important in the life of an infant. The memory book helps keep baby photos with photo pages. It also has blank pages for imprinting the baby’s prints and an accompanying ink pad to make this possible. The journals versatility allows the parents to keep track of visitors, health cards, sleep patterns and more baby memorabilia. This is one gift that the baby will definitely thank you for when he is older.

13. Cloth Baby Learning Book.

Learning activities for babies should be fun. This set of learning books from MS Toys makes this not only possible but also makes learning much more efficient by including other senses such as touch and feel in the book. The books vary in topics, from sea creatures to numbers and alphabets. The book is also made of cloth to prevent possible injury that may result from paper cuts and the bulk of conventional paper books. As if that is not enough, the book also doubles up as a play toy and it is durable since it is not easily torn. This baby shower gift for boys is a great way to show that you think ahead of time and value the baby’s intellectual well-being.

14. Baby Chair Seat Harness.

One of the biggest fears that mothers have is the fear of their baby falling off a chair and injuring themselves. Infant boys are restless and may be at a higher risk of falling off. With this incredible baby shower gift for boys, you can help assuage these natural fears of the mother. The Yissvic chair harness for babies is a red washable and comfortable cloth used to ensure that the baby is restrained on the chair they are sitting on. It has straps for locking the baby in the harness and a back extension for locking the harness to the chair.

15. Infant Carry-on Carrier.

An infant carry-on is an important accessory when it comes to handling babies. It allows the wearer to keep the baby strapped to them. This close proximity to the baby is very essential to the baby’s well-being and creates a bond with the caregiver. The carry-on also allows the user to perform other activities while the baby is safe with them. The Infantino carry-on also has more benefits. It comes with additional pockets to help keep diapers, burp cloths, keys and other accessories organized when with the carry-on. It also has adjustable straps for all body sizes of the carrier and extendable head support.

16. Animal’s Baby Book.

Recommended for children of ages 1-3, this book of animals would make a good baby shower gift for boys and girls. The 29-page book comes with a hundred illustrations of animals that are easy to read and make learning easy. The book initiates the child into the amazing world of animals and can help shape the entire life of the baby.

17. Portable Rocker.

Babies revel in gentle to-and-fro movements. This Rainforest portable rocker baby gift is an excellent item that assists to that end. The rocker is built with a cushioned section for placing the baby and two plastic stands that are optimized for rocking. The baby hold is a bit reclined to adapt to the growing posture of the baby. The rocker is easily foldable in order to increase portability. It also has a toy arm that has suspended toys that keep the baby engaged.

18. Elephant Toy Pacifier.

A play toy and a pacifier at the same time, this super soft elephant is definitely an awesome baby shower gift for boys, that is in case you can ignore the pink hue on the elephant. The 6-inch elephant is made of 100% polyester and is stuffed at just the right amount to make it easy for the baby to grasp and manipulate the toy. The pacifier is made of latex-free and BPA-free material to make sure that it does not injure the health of the baby. It is also built into the material of the toy and therefore has no cords or clips holding it to it.

19. Thermometer Bath Toy.

What if you could measure the temperature of the baby’s bath water while at the same time amusing your bouncing baby boy. This would be the scenario if you would get this bath toy for that baby shower you have been invited to. As if that is not enough, the waterproof bath toy also has a clock so that they can tell when bath time is over and when it is time to put the baby to rest. The ducky toy has an inbuilt alarm that sounds if the water temperature goes beyond a certain limit or below another limit. It is also BPA free in accordance with health regulations.

20. Alphabet Building Block Set.

This alphabet set is a great gifting idea. While most people give gifts that will be used in the interim, this set of engraved alphabet letter ensures that your gift will be used for a higher purpose; teaching the baby the ever-important alphabet. The large blocks are made so to prevent ingestion by the baby. The set consists of alphabet letters as well as numbers and signs to help them learn basic math. Painting is done with non-toxic, water-based ink since the baby might put the blocks in the mouth. A storage bag accompanies the set to make sure that no piece is lost.

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