20 Great Art Gifts for Kids Who Loves to Draw!

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Art is an old practice that dates back centuries. It is an expression of human creativity and imagination. Art enables artists to express themselves through sketches, drawings, paintings and even etchings. This list of art gifts for kids is an awesome place to start if you intend on getting a gift for kids who love art. Great art needs good tools and the kid in question might not have the resources acquired to do so. For this reason, this gift guide includes a lot of items that will not only help the kid in improving his skill but also help them enjoy and grow their skill.

20 Best Drawing Gifts For Kids!

1. Art Case.

Every good young artist treasures his pencils and crayons. However, they might constantly lose or misplace them. This Crayola art case would make a great gift for kids who love art. The craft kit is a work of art in itself. It has a brightly colored exterior designed to appeal to the young artists and kids. It contains 140 pieces with 64 Crayola crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 washable markers and 15 large sheets of paper. All these tools will be invaluable to a who is inclined to the arts and crafts. The case also allows for the pieces to be organized and also creates an awesome chance for the kid to learn organization at an early age.

2. Water Activity Pad.

Drawing is a great avenue to help kids grow and develop mentally cultivate their psycho-motor skills. Painting and coloring are a good example of such an activity and are quite beneficial to kids. But what if they can do that with minimal mess? This set of Melissa & Doug water coloring book and pen are a great choice of water activity pad. The books come in a set of three and each color pad comes with 4 reusable pages and a refillable water pen on each book. Not only are these books an avenue for fun, but they also increase the reading skills of the kids and also help teach kids the valuable skill of distinguishing colors.

3. Drawing And Activity Mat.

Kids will draw virtually anywhere, on the couch, on the coffee table, on the floor and even on the walls. Heaven knows what they would do to the ceiling if they could reach it. This mat makes a great gift if the child you want to gift to is yours. It is a great way to save your surfaces from crayon marks. The mat is designed in such a way that a kid can doodle and craw figures on it using any type of drawing instrument. The package that the mat comes in also includes 4 magic pens, 8 drawing molds, 4 drawing templates and a drawing book. The mat is quite colorful and will complement the decor of the room you decide to put it.

4. Trace Magnetic Clipboard.

This Disney Doc McStuffins trace keyboard is an excellent gift for a kid who loves art and drawing. The interactive clipboard comes packed with 4 learning activities and more than 30 melodies and sounds. It comes with three detachable stencils paired with letter recognition technology to help the kids learn the alphabet and numbers. The magnetic learning toy is a great tool for early education and teaches hand coordination while promoting imagination. The toy is powered by the ubiquitous triple-A batteries. Moreover, the toy is electronic and therefore avoids any color messes in the home.

5. Finger Painting Set.

The resulting mess notwithstanding, if there is one thing that kids enjoy is painting and doodling with their fingers. These Crayola paint for toddlers is designed for finger painting. The paint is made with friendly chemicals that will not harm the skin of the toddler. The paint set also includes painting papers that the baby can use to paint on. It is easy-to-wash so that the parents are not much concerned when the kid is at play with the paint. This is a great gift for boys, especially if they are toddlers.

6. Stencil Set.

Another exceptional way to teach kids the alphabet and various other shapes and objects is by using stencils. By drawing along the outline of the stenciled characters, the child or user can be able to understand and internalize the alphabet and any other relevant shapes. This Stenztime stencil set is no exception. It contains 15 stencil pieces and over 260 shapes within those same stencils. Besides stencils, the case also comes with 20 drawing sheets, 20 plain stickers, 12 colored pencils, a pair of scissors and a sharpener. The pieces are user-friendly, washable and safe for kids.

7. Adjustable Standing Art Easel.

This adjustable standing art easel is another great gift idea for that toddler you love. The art easel consists of a board supported by four plastic stands held together by a hinge. It is very hinged that makes the board adjustable for a height between 32-inches and 43-inches. The magnetic board is two-sided, with one side having a dry-erase board and the other a regular chalkboard. These two surfaces make it possible for two kids to use the board at the same time. It also allows kids to practice their art and craft as well as helping strengthen their feet muscles as the board can only be accessed by standing. It is also foldable and therefore easy to store.

8. Sand Bowl.

Art gifts for kids do not have to revolve around crayons and sketch pads. This Mini Zen Garden Labyrinth is very evident of that fact. The sand bowl is a round hardwood bowl with an 8-inch diameter. The handcrafted bowl is filled with sand and a wooden stylus that can be used by kids to doodle on. Besides doodling on, the bowl is an avenue for relaxation and can be used by adults to relieve stress.

9. Glow Pad.

In this age of digitization, gifts for creative kids have not been left out. This AMAV glow pad is a tablet-sized battery-operated screen that allows kids to draw on its interactive screen. The screen then highlights the path of the drawing by making it glow. The glow pad contains 7 interchanging colors and patterns and is powered by 3 triple-A batteries. The pad comes with two special markers and simple to use instructions so that this great art gift for kids can be used properly.

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10. Step-By-Step Activity Book.

This step-by-step activity book is a great and suitable art gift for twins, young artists and older kids. The Modern Kids Press book contains several step-by-step instructions on how to draw various animals and shapes. The 20 pages of the book contain numbered and lettered grids that the little minds can use to follow instructions and draw their favorite magical creature, be it a mermaid or a unicorn.

11. Color Puppy Doll.

Not many items can act as both toy and art masterpiece, but then again, those toys are not Crayola Deluxe Puppies. The deluxe color n plush puppy is a 12-inch puppy made with an easy-to-wash and an easy-to-write material. This enables kids to doodle, draw and paint colors on the puppy however they see fit. The puppy can be rewashed and repainted again over and over again and as often as possible. The puppy comes with four washable markers for use on the item. As a Christmas gift, this toy would most definitely rock the world of the young artist in your life.

12. Ceramic Mugs And Coasters Set.


While art gifts for kids are easy to come up with, gifts for art students or artists who draw can be quite hard to think of. In this case, this would make a wonderful gift for any of the above groups. The HearthSong markers are high-quality markers that can be used to etch permanent drawings on ceramic mugs. For a permanent finish, the mugs have to be baked. If the drawings made on the mug do not turn out as expected, they can be easily removed by hand-washing the mug in warm water and soap. The gift set consists of 7 ceramic markers of different colors so that the drawings can be as colorful as possible.

13. Whiteboard Wallpaper.

For the most parent with kids that love art, their greatest worry is colored and doodled walls that may be a result of the misadventures of those kids. But with this whiteboard wallpaper, this can be alleviated. By gifting this art gift for kids your walls can remain clean while the kid continues to have fun with drawing on the wall. The wallpaper measures 17.7 by 78.7 inches and has all the features of a conventional whiteboard, it is both easy to write and erase on. This is an excellent art gift for twins who can use it for various activities such as math and other drawings.

14. Anime Drawings Guide.

For kids and any young artists that are into anime, this would make a great art gift. With this guide book from renown author Christopher Hart, the budding artist you care about can easily go from amateur to skilled anime artist in a short time. It does this by offering guidelines on how to draw the six most popular anime characters. The guide book also allows the artist to be able to make their own sketches of their favorite anime characters at will. With this guide, you will always have a special place in the heart of the young anime lover you gift this to.

15. Little Pony Plush Toy.

Scribbles is a pony toy for young girl artists. The toy, unlike other readily available ones, is made with easily washable material that allows the toy to be rewashed after a coloring session and then recolored again once dry. It comes with two complementary Scribbles markers that are double-sided. The super-soft hug-gable toy helps keep your child occupied and encourages creativity with colors.

16. Multicolored Art Set.

Children, especially those intrigued by art, love colors. It is for this reason that this art set would be a great art gift for kids. The set consists of a tray with a wetting sponge and a color wheel palette. The color wheel contains several colors and is suitable for painting multiple colors at once in a rainbow fashion. The set is both easy and fun to use and comes with 6 sponge paint brushes for easy application. The colors used are washable and non-toxic so that they do not harm the kid.

17. 3D Printing Pen.

You don’t have to buy toys for your kids when they can make their own using this 3D pen. This art gift for kids can be used by kids of all ages from 3 to 12. The 3D printer uses a special eco-friendly filament that has no evaporation or smell. The pen also produces low-temperature plastic that does not pose the risk of burns to the child. The pen allows kids to be creative and build 3D shapes in a safe and friendly environment. The rechargeable 3D pen can work for up to 2 hours before a recharge.

18. Doodling Robot.

Another great gift you can give to your art-inclined kid is this doodling robot. The robot that doubles up like a toy and a craft tool. The battery-powered robot uses a built-in motor to create shapes on a piece of paper of a drawing or doodling pad. The robot moves in an elliptical motion but can be manipulated to make more creative shapes and doodles by occasionally adding objects on the path of any of three pens that the robot controls.

19. Coloring Sneaker Shoes.

Coloring shoes are a great alternative to mundane papers and drawing pads. The pair of coloring shoes from My Design come in white. This is so that the artist you give the shoes to can modify them and redecorate them to their preference. This allows them to explore their creativity in a more cautious way. After designing, the colors can be removed by washing, the user can wear their personally customized shoe with pride. The colors that accompany the pair of sneakers are non-toxic, waterproof and are non-flammable and thus do not pose any damage.

20. Coloring Globe.

A coloring globe as an art gift for kids is a great way to help them learn about basic geography. The globe model contains all the seven continents in an orb with all the oceans and seas colored. However, all the continents are not colored and the kid is expected to be creative with the colors to use on the different continents. The globe does not come assembled and the student has to assemble all the 47 pieces together in order to make the globe and then color it. Parents can take part in assembling the globe or challenge the kid to do it on their own as an educational puzzle game.

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