Top 20 Gifts For Male Teachers

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20 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas for Men!

We always want to show our teachers our appreciation for all they do with a cool present for teacher’s day, at the end of the year or simply because we want to let them know how great they are! With this in mind, we have some fantastic ideas of gifts for male teachers that are sure to bring a smile to their face when you let them know how much they matter to you with these meaningful gifts! Some of these gifts are funny, others are more serious and heartfelt. A number of these gifts can be used as tools during teaching or to relax after a long school day. A number of these gifts can be personalized as well if you so choose. All of these gifts below are quite different, but each one is sure to be appreciated and treasured!

1. Coffee Mug And Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set.

We all know that in the morning teachers need coffee to get ready to deal with our children and that after school they probably would like to have some wine due to our kids! This humorous and thoughtful gift set was designed with that in mind, using high-quality ceramics for the mug and dishwasher-safe material for the stemless wine glass so that your teacher will be able to enjoy their coffee or wine for years to come handling all the children you may be sending their way!

2. Polka Dot Trimmed Box Sign.

With a variety of messages, this makes the perfect personalized teacher gift when you choose the perfect thoughtful phrase to give to your male teacher. Whether you want it to be heartfelt or humorous, this is the perfect small gift that can sit upon the teacher’s desk and always remind them how much they meant to your family.

3. Owl-Themed Stainless Steel Bottle.

Whether they want to fill it with water, soda, or maybe a little bit of juice to help make it through their day, this high-quality stainless steel bottle with the image of an older and wiser owl teaching a younger one is a perfect way to show appreciation via a gift for a male mentor teacher who has been educating your little ones. Plus, it not only keeps cold drinks cool, but it can also keep hot drinks warm as well if the teacher needs it for their morning coffee!

4. Apple Post It Note Dispenser.

A fantastic gift for Teacher’s Day, this apple-shaped pop-up note dispenser is both clever and very useful for a teacher who likes to take lots of little notes to remind themselves of important facts or things to do during the day. After all, an apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it also can help a teacher keep track of their day!

5. Teacher’s Personalized Pencils.

If you are looking for a personalized teacher gift that is both stylish and clever, this is a great one to pick! You can put the teacher’s name on some gorgeous purple pencils with a striking leopard print. These not only are useful for writing, they stand-out and thanks to the personalization you did everyone will know who the owner of these pencils is.

6. Wine Bottle Label Set.

Teachers love to kick-back after a long day of teaching with wine. Why not buy them some and make it an extra unique gift for a male teacher by putting a funny label on it that they will surely appreciate? Not only will your teacher be overjoyed to be given some quality wine, but they will also smile at the smart label you’ve put upon the bottle for them to appreciate! This is an especially great gift for your teacher at the end of the year when they have the whole Summer to relax.

7. Slim Laptop Backpack.

Male teachers do not carry purses unlike female teachers, but they still often have a lot of school supplies they need to carry with them! By giving them this handy laptop backpack that can carry their computer or serve as a helpful rucksack you are showing your teacher how you want to help him out with a thoughtful gift that makes things easier for him and all his schoolwork.

8. Self-Inking Teacher Stamp Set.

This is a cool present for a teacher who utilizes various stamps often (such as if stating opinions on homework), and who knows how annoying it is to have his ink dry-out for his stamps. By giving them this thoughtful present you’ll be showing how much you value their input via fun stamps that are sure to see lots of use!

9. Personalized Mouse Pad.

When it comes to teacher gift ideas one that they will see quite often and use a great deal is a personalized mouse pad. Teachers often use their computers for everything from lesson-planning to doing grades so giving them a mouse pad that states how much you value their work is sure to bring a smile to their face, and if you make it funny will undoubtedly make them chuckle every time they look down to use their computer mouse as well.
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10. Engraved Name Plate.

If you’re considering presents for a high-school teacher this is one that is quite snazzy. An engraved nameplate will give your teacher an official and important look that his teenage students are sure to notice and treat with respect! Whether you want it to simply state his name or his official position too, it is sure to impress.

11. Personalized Best Teacher Award.

If you need gifts for your male teacher at the end of the year this is a fantastic one to give him! Your teacher will feel incredibly special knowing that your family thinks he is the best teacher to have served your family this year with its caring heart. Shape and personalization options that make it a sweet and appreciative personalized teacher gift. It is extremely kind and sure to be displayed proudly by your teacher for years to come!

12. “After School Snack” Bourbon Glass.

Whether teaching elementary-school or if they are high-school teachers everyone appreciates a snack after the long school-day, and for those especially hard days with students, “After school snack,” may very well be a tasty glass of bourbon! This unique gift is perfect for a male teacher who appreciates a quality glass of spirits and knows that sometimes this is the best after school snack.

13. Novelty Socks.

Socks are something we all wear, so why not make them fun with this clever small gift you can give your male teacher? You can pick a subject that matches what he teaches or simply select something you know he will find meaningful or funny. Whether it is imagery related to math, science, the holidays, or after-school relaxation (such as playing golf) it is easy to select a sock option that applies perfectly to your teacher and his work or interests!

14. Tommy Hilfiger Steel Quartz Watch.

This gift is perfect for a teacher who appreciates the finer things in life such as an impressive and classy watch. With its extremely durable mineral crystal face, quartz movement, and a snazzy leather strap this is one of the fancier unique gifts you can give to a male teacher (as men often like to wear high-quality watches). This is the kind of gift that is not only meaningful, but it is also extremely useful and anytime your teacher needs to check the time he will remember how thoughtful your family was to give him this incredibly helpful gift.

15. Novelty Scratch-and-Sniff Stickers.

A wonderful small gift for a male teacher who works with younger children, these novelty scratch-and-sniff stickers are quite impressively smelly! These stickers will for sure be quite helpful to a teacher who wants to inspire his students by giving them delightfully smelly stickers when they do well in class–or he may want to use them for an art project or something else (the possibilities are limitless)! This is a cool present for sure and bound to be appreciated by a teacher who has a unique style or sense of humor (or who simply loves stickers and appreciates ones that have a funny smell).

16. Period Lesson Planner.

When it comes to gifts for male teachers this is another stellar idea. An easy to carry planner that covers multiple days and the periods that-up the school-day itself is bound to be helpful especially for high school teachers who see a variety of classes during different periods of the day. By providing teacher with this gift at the start of the year (or it works well at the end of school as a present for them to use next year) you are showing them how much you value their time and efforts by wanting to assist them in plotting-out their days to achieve optimal results AKA they continue to be really efficient teachers who do an amazing job with their students.

17. Meaningful Teacher T-Shirt.

When a teacher is not busy at school they most likely enjoy relaxing at home or doing errands in comfortable clothes such as a t-shirt. These personalized t-shirts such as one that declares how he became a teacher because, “Your life is worth my time,” not only is a thoughtful present for when your teacher is wearing comfy clothes, it imparts an important message that he is sure to find meaningful and appreciate as a stellar teacher who you value and want to thank with this snazzy clothing!

18. Hardware And Craft Cabinet.

Whether your teacher is involved in educating students in the ways of hardware and crafts via art class or you simply know they enjoy doing some technical tasks in their free time, this gift is a wonderful choice to fit their needs! With numerous drawers that can be used to hold anything from nails, to glue, to any other supplies a cabinet such as this will be invaluable for your teacher to keep his supplies and hardware well-organized and easy to find, access, and use. Anytime they open a drawer on this hardware and craft cabinet they will be reminded how caring a gift you gave them!

19. Teacher Jokes Book.

This book has 101 jokes about teachers and students and they are hilarious! Men often love silly jokes be they terrible puns or, “Dad jokes,” so your male teacher is sure to appreciate a publication full of teacher jokes that are funny as they are bad and otherwise groan-inducing. It makes a great little gift for teacher’s day to stand-out with its funny-and-awful way of looking at teaching with a humorous angle.

20. Humorous Talking Button.

Sometimes your teacher might want to point-out he thinks students are rambling-on too much, but he wants to do it in a funny way. This humorous talking button is designed to let people know they are going, “Blah, blah, blah,” way too much and need to stop their dull monologue! Teachers often have to put up with boring stories, meandering opinions, or otherwise tedious diatribes from their students, and by having this humorous talking button nearby they can put a stop to the tedium with a quick press and it hollering-out a funny message that essentially says, “Stop going blah, blah, blah already!”

When it comes to finding gifts for male teachers this list has provided you with some options. Some of these gifts are more funny, others are meant to be meaningful and sweet. A number of the gifts are themed for the stress of being a teacher as well as all the joy the position brings too. A number of the gifts are meant to be used as tools and others can be personalized to give that extra-special touch. No matter what kind of gift you buy from this list it is sure to be appreciated by your male teacher who will be touched you cared enough to give them a present for whatever reason!

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