Top 20 Gifts for Golfers!


20 Best Golf Gifts! Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas For a Golfer!

  You don’t have to be a die-hard fan of golf to know the perfect gift for your golf-lover friend or family member. All that you need is the knowledge of the best gifts for golfers and everything else will fall in place for you. With plenty of gifts for golfers on the market today, you cannot fail to find one or two unusual golf gifts for your friend. Here is a comprehensive list of the gifts golfers love and you can go through it to find which one is cool for you.

1. Collapsible Chipping Net.

  This could be one of the best golf gifts for him especially if he’s a pro golfer or simply an armature trying out his skills in this popular sport. For a committed golfer, Collapsible Chipping Net can be a game-changer. This is because the gift can motivate the golfer to up his game by constantly practicing chipping at home.

2. BenShot Pint Glass With Real Golf-Ball. 

  By all means, BenShot Pint Real Golf-Ball Glass can make a huge difference to those golfers who have everything at their disposal. This pint glass is skillfully hand-sculpted to make it look like a unique drinking masterpiece. It comes complete with a real golf ball that will draw the attention of everyone including professional golfers when presented to them as a gift. The good news about this gift is that it is dishwasher safe and you can as well use it for a drink.

3. Golf Trunk Organizer Storage. 

  Here is a cool gift idea that will blow your mind and impress your golfer at the same time. Athletico Golf Organizer comes with all the best features that make it a perfect gift for anyone crazy about this sport. This organizer has several compartments that can keep most of the golf accessories when not in use. Most importantly, this cheap golfer gift is large, designed for multi-use, durable and comes fully equipped with adjustable dividers. Certainly, this is one of the best golf gifts for him and he’s likely going to like it instantly.

4. Golf Pen Set.

  If you are looking for an ideal valentine’s gift for golfers, then this golf pen set has you covered. This gift is like a dream-come-true among golf enthusiasts who can do what it takes to be part and parcel of a golf tournament within their city. The whole set comprises of top quality three ballpoint pens with three different refill ink colors; red, black and blue. On top of that, this mini-golf pen set is crafted from high-level zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, rubber, flock and foam for durability.

5. Golf Coffee Mug. 

  Coffee Mug is a splendid cheap golfer gift designed from the finest resin materials you can think of. This hand-painted mug has a message; “Born to Golf” written in bold letters at the front to capture your attention. Also, there is another lengthy message at the back that gives motivation and encouragement to golfers. So, when you present this gift to your golfer, rest assured that he will like it and get motivated to perform better.

6. Golf Club Head Covers. 

  If you have ever thought of gifts that golfers love, then your attention should shift to golf head covers. This item is designed using high-quality vinyl materials and it measures 12x5x14 inches with a weight of 0.54 lbs. You can present it to your club as a way of showing off your team spirit while battling out against your opponents on the course. Featuring three location embroidery, these head covers can fit all oversized drivers, rescue clubs, utility clubs as well as fairy clubs. Indeed, this is a great gift for special occasions like Father’s Day and all other special events.

7. Germin S60-Premium GPS Golf Watch. 

  This great product from Germin has found its way among the topmost gifts for golfers for several reasons. First of all, the Garmin Approach S60 is a GPS watch that is easy to operate. All you have to do is to strap it around the wrist and it will display the distance between you and the other golfer on the same course. If you think that is all you can get from this stylish watch, then you should brace yourself for more. This watch is capable of displaying almost everything on the course, including hazards that you should avoid not to mention other precision tricks you can use to your advantage.

8. Golf Divot Repair Tool.

  The Golf-Divot Repair Tool comes in handy with all the cool features that will entice golfers at first sight. This is one of the tech golfer gifts that you should include on your list of gifts for your closest golf enthusiasts. With its stainless steel construction and switchblade action magnet, this anodized tool has what it takes to make your golfing interesting and fun.

9. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball-A Pack of 24. 

  Among the golf-loving gift ideas, you will not fail to stumble upon Wilson. Smart Core Golf Ball comes in a pack of 24 balls. Each golf ball is carefully designed to yield amazing spins and control, especially on short shots. Also, the balls are made in such a way that you can minimize their spins for certain distances while enhancing accuracy when making long shots. Believe it or not, this is a perfect gift for a golfer looking to improve his skills.
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10. GolfBuddy Voice-2-Golf GPS

  Now, this is a real example of a tech golfer gift that comes with unique features. GolfBuddy Voice-2-Golf GPS/Rangefinder gives you a reason to smile when presenting it to your friend as a gift. The device boasts of cutting-edge technology which includes the easy to use talking GPS among others. You can use it to determine distances in front, back, and center while on the golf course thanks to its dynamic green-view technology. Above all, it comes with a male or female voice option to serve everyone in equal measures.

11. Golf Men’s PGX Putter. 

  PGX Putter Featuring a precise and outstanding white finish, the Pinemeadow Golf for Men’s PGX Putter offers a white contrast against the green course to help you maintain focus on the target. But if you are not a golfer, then you can gladly present this gift to your favorite golfers as a sign of appreciation for what they are doing on the course to keep you entertained. This item comes with a custom PGX headcover and it weighs 380g with a length of 34 inches.

12. Extra-Large Golf Umbrella. 

  This Extra-Large golf umbrella is a heavy-duty golfer’s umbrella that is both stylish and functional. It is designed primarily to protect golfers against winds and direct sunlight. Most significantly, the umbrella is strong enough to withstand heavy downpour and lighting. It has enough room for three people despite weighing as low as 1.5lbs thanks to fiberglass material used in its construction.

13. Golf Whiskey Glasses. 

  The rounded dimpled design and heavy bottom are the most conspicuous features that best describe Golf Whiskey Glass. This unique design adds some elements of style and class in the most appropriate way only known to golfers and golf enthusiasts in general. You may include it on your shopping list as one of the best golfers gifts for him. As a matter of fact, there is no better way to end the day on a golf course than a glass of whiskey to stimulate your mind.

14. Titleist Golf Ball-Marker Hat.

  Have the honor of getting your golfer a stylish gold ball-marker hat that matches his entire golf outfit including the ball. This adjustable gift can work both on and off the golf course, meaning that it’s “dual purpose” for lack of better words. Nonetheless, it’s a gold-loving gift idea that you should give a second thought.

15. Golf Ceramic Wall Mini Planters. 

  How about thinking out of the box to come up with a cheap golfer gift that is so inspiring yet connecting nature with this popular sport? Ceramic wall-mountable mini-planters is indeed a wonderful addition to your table or wall in your living room. Besides, you can get a couple of them as gifts for your best golfers to inspire them even more.

16. Golf Ball Design Clock. 

  This is another type of gift golfers love the most. Golf design clock is a true representation of what golf fans and pros adore the most when it is hanging somewhere in their rooms. This unique clock uses AA batteries as a source of power. Much to your surprise, it’s absolutely quiet and almost silent, unlike other ticking clocks. Each clock is custom-made to suit your taste.

17. Men’s Golf Gloves. 

  Crafted from premium Cabretta leather material for palm and thumb, those golf gloves can help you deal with a sweaty grip during the game. These durable gloves come with moisture-wicking technology to enhance your grip. Other features of great interest include a breathable and dual PowerNet mesh, comfortable wrist elastic and 3-directional tab closure.

18. Bamboo Golf Tees (2.75-Inches). 

  Make sure that your golfer is well-stocked with tees all the time to save him from the agony of scrounging for new ones on the green during the golfing tournament. In this regard, you might consider purchasing bamboo tees to act as a perfect gift for him. Golfing tees made from bamboo materials are stronger, affordable and biodegradable. They have a tensile strength that revivals natural wood and steel. When you buy them as a gift, they come with a free poker chip that you can use as a ball marker.

19. Golf Laser Range Finder With Pinsensor. 

  TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf-Rangefinder is in the category of tech golfer gifts and it comes in handy to help you over crappy eyesight, rain, and wind. These three factors are a nightmare for every golfer whether pros or amateurs. So, you can help your favorite golfer excel in this sport by presenting him with this wonderful piece of technology. In actual sense, this state-of-the-art TecTecTec VPRO500 Golffinder reduces external interference, giving you a clear view regardless of the distance on the golf course.

20. Golf Score Counter Bracelet. 

  This comes in the form of a bracelet but its purpose is more diverse than being aesthetic. The Gold Goddess Stroke Counter Bracelet plays a very crucial role in golfing and every golfer cannot resist this little gift. Although it looks like an ordinary bracelet, this item keeps track of every golf stroke you make per hole. Once you have it, you can happily say goodbye to a counter that is normally attached to a golf bag or belt. At least, this beautiful bracelet will make your work easier as well as saving your time and effort whenever you are tracking your golf strokes. Since it looks simple and small, the Golf Goddess Stroke Counter Bracelet is characterized by its 14 karats gold plated cuff including the alternating 14 karat gold and sterling silver-plated hand-etched beads. In essence, this is a worthy and essential item that you should include on your golf-loving gift ideas.
   Final Verdict There you have it! It is obvious that at this point you’ve made up your mind on which gifts you can include in your list to impress and entice your favorite golfers. Most of them are unique and affordable so, you shouldn’t fail to pick the best gift for your golfer anytime, anywhere.