20 Awesome Gifts for Motorcycle Lovers!

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Top 20 Motorcycle Lover Gift Ideas!

nbsp; Maybe the birthday or anniversary of a biker you know and care about is coming up and you have been crawling the web for days on end trying to look for gifts for motorcycle lovers but you haven’t really found anything of interest. Or maybe you just want to appreciate their presence in your life but you are bummed on what to get them. To help you get the most suitable gift that will convey the message of love and affection to your intended recipient of the gift with this conclusive gift guide.

1. Harley Davidson Patent Wall Art.

Harley Davidson is one of the most iconic motorcycles out there in the industry. Not only is it a powerful bike, but of great utility and a great beauty to admire. A combination of speed, elegance and innovation, Harley Davidson bikes are definitely an engineering marvel. The set of four consists of copies of the original Harley Davidson patent filed to and granted by the US patents office are a great trinket for any biker to own. Each time they look at the wall art, they can admire the ingenuity of the inventors Harley and the Davidsons and how far the bike has come since then.

2. Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle Opener.

For bikers, especially those who favor Harley Davidson motorcycles, this is one gift that you could get them. The vintage bottle opener, made in the shape of Harley bikes, is made from zinc alloy so as to be durable, compact and rust-resistant. It embodies the specific design in order to bring back the old Harley Davidson bike design and elicit nostalgic feelings for people who know their bikes. The compact, a lightweight souvenir is a perfect gift for motorcycle riders.

3. Retro Style Alarm Clock.

The Yvettevans motorcycle is an alarm clock designed for motorcycle lovers. The retro style clock is designed and placed at the front tire of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, one of the most iconic and unique ever invented. The desk clock is made with a quartz core finely tuned for accurate timing for many years to come. The clock is powered by one double-A battery, is fashionable and stylish and lightweight as well, owing to its constituent plastic body. This one of a kind desk clock is definitely one of the best gifts for motorbike lovers.

4. Textile Motorcycle Jacket.

Bikers and motorcycle riders face a lot of health hazards such as the cold, especially in winter conditions. This may affect them and cause them to develop cold-related infections and pneumonia that could severely affect them and even prevent them from enjoying the things they love – their bikes. This HHR textile jacket is made with specific emphasis on bikers and people who are regularly exposed to the cold. The jacket is armored, waterproof and is rugged and strong but still soft enough to be comfortable. The jacket also includes a removable thermal lining that works to keep the wearer warm. If you are agonizing on a gift for biker boyfriend, then this is the gift to go for.

5. Souvenir Tinplate Vehicle License Plate.

The 12 by 6-inch plate is a souvenir tinplate design that can be put in the house for decorative purposes. With this gift for motorcycle enthusiasts, you can help rock the decor of their living room. The plate consists of one printed side with the dominant picture of a Harley Davidson bike and a bike parts label. The sign is printed with quality shade and with an additional protective film, the plate can be in use for a long time. Moreover, the plate has four oval holes for easy installation.

6. Bell Matte Black Helmet.

Protect the biker enthusiast you love so much from possible accidents with this Bell face helmet. The sleek helmet is unisex and can be used by any sex. It has a tastefully made exterior that will easily blend with and complement the gear of any biker. The helmet is made with a lightweight poly-carbonate so that it offers protection without weighing down on the wearer and does not hinder speed with its aerodynamic design. A padded collar also reduces wind and road noise and for this reason, makes the list of a great gift for bikers.

7. Alloy Steel Knuckle Gloves.

Safety, style, durability and comfort are all understatements when it comes to the ILM gloves. For safety and protection, the gloves are made with alloy steel at the knuckles engineered for maximum protection of the finger joints from a collision. The palm is made with plastic non-slip lines that add grip and prevent it from slipping. The state of the art piece of motorcycle gear is also a cool biker gift.

8. Waterproof Motorcycle Cover.

For most bikers, motorcycles are part of their lives and, more often than not, they hold sentimental value over them. As a child, the bike is treated with outmost care and concern. Which is why this cover is a great gift for motorcycle riders. The cover is made from 210-D heavy duty Oxford fabric that is not only durable but also tears proof. The all-weather outdoor protection cover is designed to cover the entire bike and not expose a single part to the harsh weather elements. Safety lock holes help protect the cover from theft by locking it to the motorcycle.

9. Adjustable Handlebar Phone Mount.

Phones are easily lost when is one is on a bike. Moreover, smartphones and their access to maps and GPS routes, come in very handy when a biker is roaming unfamiliar territory. This adjustable handlebar phone mount easily solves both problems. The universal phone mount has an adjustable clamp to lock it to the handlebars. A premium hard plastic grip with silicone net secures the mounted phone so that it does not fall off during movement, even at wild speeds. The great biker accessory will definitely put a smile on the face of the biker in your life.

10. Motorcycle Riding Glasses.

Another great idea for gifts for motorbike lovers and bikers alike is a set of glasses. Not reading glasses, riding glasses specifically made for motorbike lovers. The pair of glasses is padded so that the wearer does not grow weary of wearing them and for comfortable user experience. Moreover, the glasses come in three shades – yellow, white and smoke lens, so that whatever shade the prospective recipient prefers, they will be satisfied with the glasses.

11. Whiskey Aging Barrel.

With this barrel, it is possible to age your own whiskey right at the comfort of your home. The barrel is made from pure American oak. The two-litter barrel has two openings, one for putting in the whisky and another for getting out the whisky. As if that is not enough, the barrel is customizable. The sellers take the names, state and date to be inscribed onto the barrel so that, not only does the owner enjoy whiskey from their own aging barrel, but it also contains their name. If the biker in your life is a lover of whisky and loves keeping good whiskey, then this would be a great gift idea.

12. Motorcycle Kit Package Cleaner.

The kit cleaning package is everything a biker would need for their motorcycles. The seven-item kit is made up of waxes, mists and more that help in keeping all the parts of the bike sparkling clean. The chemicals take care of all types of motorcycle surfaces such as paints, plastic, leather, vinyl and metal. With the seat, you can clean the bike, wax it for a shiny gloss and even condition the leather with no slippery residue. The motorcycle package is, for this reason, an awesome piece of motorcycle gear and a great gift for motorcycle riders.

13. Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System.

Music is an essential part of the lives of anyone living in the twenty-first century. Cars and other modes of conveyance have music systems that allow you to enjoy your music while you travel but not motorbikes. With this motorcycle Bluetooth speaker system, now your biker friend can enjoy music on the go. The system consists of two 3-inch speakers with adjustable attachments for attaching onto the bike handle. The Bluetooth amplifier system allows you to play the music on your phone wirelessly. An attached 3.5 mm jack also allows the same via cable. Be the highlight of your motorcycle rider’s birthday by gifting them this amazing gift for bikers.

14. Harley-Davidson Neon Clock.

With this as your gift of choice, this neon Harley-Davidson clock could be the next addition to the decor of the biker in your life. The 12-inch diameter clock is chrome-shielded to enhance the look. As if that’s not enough, the clock has a neon line powered by a neon adapter and transformer that help view the time at night as well as highlight the Harley-Davidson shield at the center of the clock face. The chrome watch has a quartz movement and uses a double-A battery. It is one of the best gifts for motorbike lovers that you could get for them.

15. Harley-Davidson Men’s Boots.

There seldom are bikers who do not like macho stuff, and especially, when it comes to their motorcycle gear. This is what makes this boot such a likeable gift. The 100% leather boot is embellished with a Harley-Davidson crest to accentuate the design. The shoe has a rubber sole that is oil-slip and abrasion resistant. The shoe also has a full-length cushion sock lining. A Goodyear welt helps retain the integrity of the shoe. The shoe is also easily re-solvable to ensure a long service time. This is an excellent gift for motorcycle enthusiasts.

16. Gothic Skeleton Motorcycle Bottle Holder.

As timeless as Gothic items usually are, this bottle holder is a unique piece of accessory for holding the champagne. The holder is made of metallic skulls and skeleton bones arranged in the shape of a motorcycle. The bottle’s base should rest on the back at the seat and the mid-section should straddle the handlebars. The product is hand-crafted from cold cast resin and packaged in a decorative gift box for convenient gifting.

17. Good Charm Guardian Bell.

It is not uncommon to find bikers who believe in evil spirits that lurch themselves onto motorcycles and cause mishaps during the journey such as accidents, mechanical problems and bad luck. These spirits are rumoured to be attracted by ringing and get trapped in the bell whose constant ringing drives them crazy. This guardian bell could help ward off evil and prevent problems from happening along the way for your biker loved one. This way the rider and his machine are always protected.

18. Bioworld Punisher Biker Chain Wallet.

Another excellent gift for bikers, especially if they are into gothic stuff, is this biker chain wallet. The wallet is made from PU faux leather and is decorated with Marvel’s The Punisher Skull logo. The wallet contains three vertical card slots with a transparent ID window for easy viewing and an additional cash pocket. The wallet is connected to a 15” chain with a keeper loop to hold the wallet to the rider. The wallet helps in arranging and keeping valuable cards and documents safe while riding.

19. Salt Armour Bandana.

Another great consideration for your gift ideas for bikers, this polyester micro-fiber is a high-utility piece of clothing that can be put to different use by the recipient. The blackout cloth is decorated with an American flag and a skull. The piece of cloth is soft, thin and elastic and does not scratch or irritate the skin. It can be worn in multiple ways as a bandana, a balaclava, facemask, scarf or neck gaiter. In whichever way it is worn, it protects against the elements, insects and particles to ensure a comfortable ride.

20. Tribal Wolf Biker Pendant Necklace.

A necklace is also another way in which you can appreciate the biker in your life. This particular one is made from stainless steel to prevent rust and protect the chain against tarnishing. The pendant is a wolf decal accompanied by a colored gem, with various color options available. The high-quality chain from which the pendant is suspended is 24 inches long and it’s quality chain links provide a longer lifetime for the necklace. The necklace comes with a complimentary gift bag.